Monthly Archives: December 2015

4 Ways an Eyelid Lift Can Transform Your Face

Your eyes may be the most noticeable feature on your face. People look at them when they first meet you, and they help you communicate and express your emotions. Unfortunately, gravity, sun exposure, genetics, and simply the passage of time can take away the natural beauty of the eyes. In addition, some people naturally have […]

Getting Plastic Surgery for the Right Reasons

Plastic surgery is a great way to improve your appearance and make you look younger or more attractive. When you use a qualified, board-certified facial plastic surgeon, you are making a wise choice for your beauty, health and safety. Before you decide on any procedure, however, you should think about your reasons for wanting the surgery. […]

Should You Tell Others You Had Plastic Surgery?

One of the advantages to using an experienced plastic surgeon is you can get results that look natural. It’s an improved version of you! This also means that others may not be able to tell that you have had plastic surgery, they may think you look great, but can’t pinpoint what’s different! Today, the stigma of […]

How Men Can Benefit From Plastic Surgery

It’s no secret that self-confidence affects everything you do. Feeling great about how you look can have a tremendous impact on your personal and professional life! But it’s not just women who care about their self-confidence. More and more men are opting for a variety of plastic surgery procedures to improve their appearance and give them […]

5 Ways to Look Radiant in Time for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes parties and gatherings where you want to look your best. Perhaps you feel that your skin and your face don’t look as youthful as you’d like, but you think it’s too late to do anything about it. Actually, it’s not! Thanks to many non-invasive, effective […]