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What anesthesia is used for rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a popular procedure for men and women because it has the potential to dramatically improve your entire face. If you have a crooked, humped, wide, or bulbous nose, or simply don’t like what nature gave you, there’s a good chance it can be corrected with rhinoplasty. Because Dr. Siegel specializes in facial plastic […]

Top 3 Skincare Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Are you giving your face the care it deserves? Although some aging and skin problems are inevitable, how you care for your skin each day can help you have the best skin possible – or can increase your difficulties. Make sure you’re not guilty of these skincare blunders. And if you have been doing them, […]

How a Rhinoplasty Can Improve the Male Face

A rhinoplasty, or nose job, is the number one plastic surgery procedure for men today. Tens of thousands of men see plastic surgeons for nose reshaping every year. But why is it so popular with male clients – and how can it make the male face more attractive? How the Male Face is Different A […]

Is This the Year You Get Plastic Surgery?

Each year thousands of men and women make the decision to have plastic surgery. The number of procedures performed by plastic surgeons continues to climb, as more people are taking charge of their appearance and want to look and feel their best personally and professionally. But still, many others who want to improve their appearance […]