Monthly Archives: March 2016

Is your neck making you look older?

Many people spend their lives applying the finest skin creams and products to their face – only to leave their neck high and dry. In addition, gravity has an impact on the neck’s skin, muscles, and fat, often causing it to lose its taut, smooth appearance. This can create a contrast: your face may look […]

The right way to remove or diminish facial scars

If you suffer from facial scarring, you know the emotional toll it can take. Trying to cover it with makeup is often a daily battle. Not to mention, many people are given false promises that a scar can be erased with exfoliation, microdermabrasion, or similar procedures – only to find that these things don’t work. […]

When is the best time for facial plastic surgery?

Deciding to get plastic surgery takes a lot of thought. You may already be researching plastic surgeons to ensure you’re getting an experienced, board-certified expert in facial procedures. Choosing your surgeon is arguably the most important part of the process. But, you’ll also need to decide when you wish to have your procedure done. Many […]

A Chemical Peel without the Pain

Dull skin, wrinkles, and discoloration are common problems, and they can make a face look older and “tired.” Perhaps you’ve considered a chemical peel to correct these issues, but didn’t like the idea of the “burning” and pain involved – or the recovery time needed. There’s a better solution exclusively in Dr. Siegel’s office. It’s […]

Non surgical ways to stop the signs of aging

Who says you can’t have younger skin even with a busy schedule? If a face lift isn’t doable in the near future, there are plenty of options for you to look youthful and radiant without surgery or downtime. With today’s advanced, minimally invasive techniques, you can combat the signs of aging and see a renewed […]