Monthly Archives: May 2016

4 signs of a great plastic surgeon

Facial plastic surgery should never be taken lightly. Your face is an important part of your appearance and your identity, and you want to feel great about how it looks. Don’t trust your face to just anyone. The most important component of any facial procedure is the surgeon who performs it. If you choose the […]

Who can inject Kybella?

KYBELLA® has been getting a lot of attention, and rightfully so. It’s the first safe and effective way to get rid of a double chin without surgery. And, as with many non-invasive procedures, providers of all types may administer the treatment. But just because they offer it, does it mean you should use them? What […]

When is it time for a facelift?

With any plastic surgery, you need to think about who, what, and when. Who will perform your procedure, what do you wish to have done, and when is the best time for your surgery? In the case of a facelift, is there a “right time” to have it done? You may feel that your face […]

Causes of Flared Nostrils After a Rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty is one of the most complicated and delicate procedures in plastic surgery. A surgeon must carefully manipulate bone, cartilage, and skin, all while providing the patient with a desirable shape and natural-looking appearance that suits their individual features. For this reason, a rhinoplasty should only be performed by a board certified facial plastic […]

Fat Grafting for the Face: Does it Work?

In theory, it seems like a great idea: use your body’s own fat to plump the face and produce a youthful, desirable shape. Many physician offices are offering this procedure as a way to smooth contours and provide a younger appearance. If it’s your body’s own fat, it’s probably safe and effective, right? Unfortunately, facial […]