Monthly Archives: August 2016

Rejuvenating the Face After Weight Loss

It’s the downside no one tells you about: you work hard to lose weight, and you realize you look… older. You’ve lost fat all over your body, including your face. This can result in sagging skin and jowls, more pronounced wrinkles, and an overall less youthful look. It’s hard to celebrate your achievement when you […]

Healthy Expectations for Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery can be an amazing and life-changing experience for many people. Some people were born with features they don’t like, while others may find that they aren’t satisfied with the toll time has taken on their face. If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, you’ll need to think about your reasons for wanting to do it, […]

Great Reasons for Rhinoplasty

Any experienced plastic surgeon will tell you that cosmetic surgery isn’t always about vanity. Take rhinoplasty, for example. Although many people believe getting a “nose job” is simply about getting that perfect nose, often times this isn’t the case at all. Noses are unique, personal, and an important feature of your face. And if you’re […]

How can I avoid BOTOX side effects?

BOTOX® is the number one cosmetic procedure in the world, yet many people still believe that it comes with a number of side effects. Stories of looking artificial or plastic abound, but what is the truth behind these stories? Most people find that BOTOX is a great way to look younger without surgery – but […]

4 Signs Eyelid Surgery Could Benefit You

The eyes are an important feature on your face, and they’re also very susceptible to the signs of aging. Many people find that their eyes don’t look as youthful as they used to, but they’re not sure if surgery is the answer. If the problem is just superficial fine lines, a good skin care product […]