Monthly Archives: September 2016

Noticeable – or Natural! Getting the Best Results from Cosmetic Surgery

We’ve all seen the results of overdone plastic surgery: face lifts that are too tight, noses that are unnaturally shaped and features that simply look out of place on a person’s face. Many people are afraid of getting this kind of result when they start considering plastic surgery. In fact, the most common concern people […]

The Vampire Facial and Micro Needling: A Perfect Match

Perhaps you’ve already heard of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy and micro needling. Both of these procedures have proven to be some of the most advanced and effective ways to radiant, youthful, smooth skin. PRP therapy, also known as the vampire facial, has been making headlines for being a great way to get younger, glowing skin. […]

Why is Plastic Surgery Called “Plastic”?

The term “plastic surgery” often makes people think of “artificial” or “too tight” looks that were commonplace in the past. Celebrities would get a “pulled” look with facelifts, and often overdone procedures led people to believe that plastic surgery means your outcome will be anything but natural. The name, perhaps, doesn’t help: when we think […]

A Younger Face Without Surgery – Is It Possible?

Sometimes, time does things to the face that simply can’t be undone with creams and good skin care. In those cases, an exceptional facial plastic surgeon can be your best friend. Time-tested procedures such as a facelift can be extremely effective in reversing signs of aging. But what if you’re not ready for surgery, or […]