Monthly Archives: December 2016

Which Day After Rhinoplasty Is The Worst?

After your rhinoplasty some days will be worse than others. The steps in the recovery period extend from the point where external splints and adhesives are removed from your nose to the point where you can safely say that you are comfortable with your new appearance. In the weeks following surgery your surgeon will have […]

What Are The Best Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures?

We all want to look our best. Knowing that we are looking good gives us the confidence boost we need to keep going through our day. The most important person to see your face is you, yourself.  Feeling good about how you look is something that puts a spring in your step. If you are not […]

Plastic Surgery Misconceptions- Why is plastic surgery still viewed as “Bad”?

The whole purpose of having plastic surgery is to give you natural good looks. However getting work done on your appearance has gotten a bad reputation because of the results of some the procedures. Some plastic surgery can give the client a result they are not happy with. A rhinoplasty or chin tuck can easily look […]

What Happens During A Nose Job? Explore The Process of Rhinoplasty.

Being unhappy with your appearance and, especially the appearance of your nose, is something a lot of us have to deal with. But developments in plastic surgery and a skilled surgeon like Dr. Siegel’s mean that this problem can be sorted. The thought of having surgery of any sort, even a rhinoplasty to improve your appearance, can […]