Monthly Archives: April 2017

Learn How Lip Augmentation Works

If you’re thinking of getting a lip augmentation, you’re not alone. In recent years it’s been one of the fastest growing plastic surgery trends in the U.S., and new technology has made the procedure safer and more effective than it’s ever been before. But what are the common reasons for getting a lip enhancement, and […]

How Long Is a Rhinoplasty Operation?

One of the most common questions plastic surgeons get asked before a rhinoplasty operation is how long the surgery will take. It’s actually quite difficult to give a straightforward answer to this question, as surgery times depend on the patient, the complexity of the procedure, and the style of the surgeon. In this post we’ll have a detailed […]

What Are The Different Types of Nose Jobs?

In much the same way as not all noses are alike, not all rhinoplasty is alike either. There are many different kinds of nose job out there, catering to the varied needs of each individual. In this post, we’ll fill you in on the main types of procedure you need to know about. Open vs […]

Risks of Choosing a Cheap Plastic Surgeon in the US

When you first start to consider plastic surgery, the price tag of some procedures can be a bit off-putting. As with any type of surgery, the equipment and expertise required to get the best results don’t necessarily come cheaply: in some cases you’re paying for decades of training and experience on the part of the surgeon, as well […]