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Current Trends in Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial plastic surgery has developed at an astounding pace since the turn of the millennium. The past few years have seen a surge in the use of injectable fillers and other exciting new technologies such as PRP “vampire facials” and Kybella. Classic procedures such as face lifts and Botox injections, once associated with rather unnatural […]

10 Ways to Save Up For Your Rhinoplasty

Although there are some great financing options available for elective surgeries like rhinoplasty, by far the best way to pay for a cosmetic procedure is by saving up for it. Using money from your (non-essential) savings means that you’ll be free to enjoy your new appearance without having to worry about interest or repayment obligations. With that in […]

Which Cosmetic Procedures Can I Get Together?

In the plastic surgery world, the best results are often seen from a combination of cosmetic procedures rather than a single isolated one. Also, if you’ve already set aside time and money for one procedure, it’s often quite simple (and relatively affordable) to get another one at the same time. Here are some of the […]

How To Slim Your Face and Chin Without Surgery

Although face lifts, neck lifts and liposuction can be fantastic ways to achieve a slimmer look, they’re not for everyone. But if you want to find a less invasive, non-surgical alternative to these classic procedures, you’re in luck. In recent years there has been an impressive advance in fat-reducing technology, so getting rid of that pesky double chin—or other stubborn […]

Risks of Choosing a Cheap Plastic Surgeon in the US

When you first start to consider plastic surgery, the price tag of some procedures can be a bit off-putting. As with any type of surgery, the equipment and expertise required to get the best results don’t necessarily come cheaply: in some cases you’re paying for decades of training and experience on the part of the surgeon, as well […]