Do You Need Earlobe Repair?

After years of wearing heavy earrings, ear lobes may become stretched, and what once used to be a pinpoint hole has become a line. Or even a torn earlobe.

Earlobe repair is a simple and permanent solution for this problem. A small procedure, performed under local anesthetic like a dental procedure, is performed to repair this problem.

The tear is removed, and the skin edges are then brought back together, recreating an earlobe. Dr. Siegel’s meticulous surgical technique will result in an almost invisible line. Stitches are removed after about a week, and then the ear may be re-pierced several weeks later if desired. There is minimal swelling or bruising, and no time off work is required.

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Earlobe Surgery

Some patients choose to combine an ear lobe repair with an earlobe rejuvenation surgery. As a result of collagen loss and/or excess pulling from earrings, earlobes become elongated and flat, losing the “plump” appearance associated with a youthful appearance. Earlobes can be rejuvenated by not only repairing the tear, but also by reducing the size of the earlobes. This procedure can also be done with local anesthetic. Tiny incisions are hidden after healing is complete, and you can return to work the following day.

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