Eyelid Lift

Nothing reflects to the outer world how we feel more than our eyes. Eyes are a portal to the soul; they convey our emotions – happiness, excitement, worry, and fatigue.

With the passage of time, it is inevitable that our faces lose volume and skin becomes less elastic, causing our brows to descend and our eyes to have a saggy appearance. This may give a false impression to the outer world that we are sad, worried, or angry.

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What is an Eyelid Lift?

An eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty, is a surgery that removes excess skin and/or fat from the upper and/or lower eyelids. It can reverse these changes. If droopy eyebrows exist, a brow lift can be combined with an eyelid lift to reposition the eyebrows back to a more youthful position.

While the aging process is inevitable, not everyone ages the same way. Eyelid and eyebrow rejuvenation recommendations should be suggested on a case by case basis.

Besides his technical accuracy and experience, Dr. Siegel is also sought out for his conservative philosophy. Only the areas that show signs of aging are addressed, and they are done so with a conservative eye. Dr. Siegel’s goal is always to achieve a rested, more youthful look that reflects how you feel, but does not change who you are.

Is an Eyelid Lift Right for Me?

Because the facial anatomy changes with age, not everyone is a candidate for surgical procedures. Some patients may be better candidates for a non-Surgical approach, as with the use of Fillers, and Botox ® Cosmetic.

Surgery is not designed to remove lines or wrinkles. Wrinkle minimizing options through skin treatments, such as laser or chemical peels, or BOTOX® Cosmetic may provide a better option for addressing the skin.

What To Expect with an Eyelid Lift

Procedures can be performed under local anesthetic, or with light sedation. This allows for a speedier recovery and decreased bruising and swelling, as compared to the use of general anesthetic.

Most patients return to work, depending the procedure(s), between 3-7 days, at which time the majority of the swelling/bruising has almost disappeared.

Cost of an Eyelid Lift

The cost for an upper eyelid-lift, or blepharoplasty is about $3000.00, with a range from $1800.00 to $5000.00.

A lower blepharoplasty, a slightly more complex procedure, may be slightly more expensive. An upper and lower eye surgery, also called a “Quad” Blepharoplasty may be about double these prices.

Brow Lift cost varies even wider, as there are a myriad of techniques involved to lift the brows. Ranges are from about $3000.00 to over $10,000.00.

While cost of surgery is important, decisions should never be made solely on price. Matching goals between the patient and the surgeon’s philosophy and experience, is a better route to a good outcome. While an eyelid lift, for example, describes the process of rejuvenating the eyes, not all eyelifts are performed the same, each surgeon will utilize a different technique, and results will fluctuate from one surgeon to the next.

Dr. Siegel’s philosophy is a conservative one. Just enough needs to be done to make people look like they used to when they were younger. Aggressive surgery or excessive procedures only achieve a poor reproduction of your old self. If you feel like you would benefit from eye/brow facial rejuvenation, allow Dr. Siegel to consult with you.