Our Face Lift Process

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, Facelift Surgery was the 5th most common Cosmetic Surgical procedure, with about 126,000 procedures being performed in the US each year.

Dr. Siegel’s Vertical Facelift™

Gravity causes facial structures to droop. Most facelift surgeries “pull” sagging tissues in a posterior direction, resulting in an over-pulled or wind-swept appearance that is not desirable.

The Vertical Lift is Dr. Siegel’s approach. It is an evolution of his technique after having performed over 1,500 Facelifts, and it’s based on counteracting the effects of gravity. Gravity causes tissues to descend. Dr. Siegel’s Vertical Lift “re-suspends” tissues in a vertical, superior direction. Repositioning muscle in this direction re-establishes the youthful contours of the face, and creates a natural look.

If you are looking to refresh your appearance, without  changing who you are, and do not want to undergo lengthy surgery, or excessive surgery, you may have the right procedure.

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The Vertical Mini Face Lift is about a one hour, in-office procedure, that can offer you:

  • A Short Recovery -most patients return to work after five days
  • Local Anesthetic Only
  • Rejuvenation of the lower face and upper neck through seamless incisions.
  • Muscle Suspension with excess skin removal for Visible, Long-Lasting Results

What is a Facelift?

As common as Facelift Surgery is, much confusion remains about what a Facelift is supposed to achieve. There are multiple terms such as Facelift, Mini-Facelift, and Weekend Facelift, just to name a few. Does a complete facelift achieve better results than a mini facelift? Are short scars better than longer scars? Is it a skin pull, or a muscle pull? Will I look natural, or “pulled”?

The reason the term Facelift has become so confusing is because each Plastic Surgeon performs this surgery in a different way. Sometimes the surgeon pulls the skin taut (not recommended) and sometimes he or she combines multiple procedures with the facelift, such as an eyelift or a forehead lift.

A continuous jaw line and a clear demarcation between the lower face and the upper neck create an effect that we associate with a youthful appearance. As we age, the weakest part of the face, the lower one third, begins to sag. Jowls develop, the cheeks descend, and the neck muscles begin to droop. These changes break this optical illusion and create an older-looking appearance.


The photo of the model above illustrates the continuity of the jaw line, and clear demarcation between the lower face and the neck-the effect achieved by Dr. Siegel’s VERTICAL LIFT-giving the illusion of a much younger appearance than actual age.

The goal of a facelift operation is to re-establish that smooth, continuous jaw line, and re-establish a demarcation between the lower face and neck. This is done by reducing the sagging and wrinkling of muscle and skin from the effects of gravity and aging in this area. The way this is achieved, and the end result will vary greatly depending on how each surgeon “understands” your face, as well as his surgical technique and experience.

No matter what you call it, or how a facelift is advertised, results will be mostly dependent on the surgeon and the patient’s genetics and facial structure. In Dr. Siegel’s practice, one facelift approach does not fit all. Each patient’s face is analyzed and recommendations are tailored to each patient’s inherent facial features and concerns.

With over 1,500 Facelifts performed, Dr. Siegel is considered one of the Top Facelift Specialists in Houston. His goal is to tailor a plan for each patient and deliver natural-looking results. The core of Dr. Siegel’s approach to facial rejuvenation is addressing the lower one third of the face as previously discussed. Often Dr. Siegel will recommend combining other surgical or non-surgical procedures with the Facelift to achieve a natural and more rested appearance.

What to Expect

This will depend on your anatomy, aging, skin quality, quality of life, and the age at which your procedure is performed. In general, Facelifts in younger patients tend to last longer, as tissues are inherently stronger, and hold better over time. With advancing age, and with the loss of collagen and muscle tone, the tissue recoil is greater and the longevity of your results may be shorter.


Incision placement, just like Facelift Surgery itself, will vary from one surgeon to another. Incisions, regardless of how long or short, should be strategically placed so that once healing is complete they are camouflaged. This is achieved through careful planning before surgery, experience in skin handling, and meticulous closure at the completion of surgery. Dr. Siegel will discuss this in detail with you at the time of consultation.

How Facelift Surgery is Performed

While the average time for a facelift under anesthesia is about four hours, Dr Siegel’s vast experience allows him to carry out a muscle suspension surgery, with removal of excess skin, and meticulous incision closure in about 90 minutes. Performing the surgery under local anesthetic, or with light sedation instead of general anesthesia allows for a faster recovery. Most of our patients usually return to work one week after surgery with minimal swelling and minimal discoloration that, if present, is easily covered with makeup.

Cost of a Facelift

The average price for a Full Facelift in Houston was close to $13,000.00, while the average price paid for a mini-facelift was $6,625.00. But these numbers are misleading.

Did a $6,000.00 surgery labeled a “mini facelift” and performed by one surgeon achieve half the results compared to the $13,000.00 surgery called a “full facelift?” Not necessarily. It is possible that the mini facelift achieved the same result as the full facelift, but with shorter incisions, and at half the price. The patient paying $13,000.00 may have undergone other procedures that were considered part of a facelift. If so, those procedures may have been needed for that particular patient, or it may have just been a standard approach that the surgeon takes with all his patients. Again, Dr. Siegel doesn’t use a one-size-fits-all approach.

The decision to undergo a Facelift is a personal choice. Each face is different and requires a tailored approach. If you are interested in discussing your options further, please schedule an appointment. Dr Siegel will discuss what options are best for you, as well as the outcome you are likely to get.