Neck Lift in Houston

A Beautiful, Smooth Neck and Jawline

One of the most obvious signs of youth is having a sculpted, toned neck and jawline area. Though many people are concerned about making their face look younger, a sagging jaw or double chin can often make a person look much older than they are – even if their face looks great.

Whether due to normal aging or genetics, a number of problems can affect the neck, chin, and jawline, having a negative impact on one’s appearance:

  • The turkey waddle: sagging skin and/or visible muscle bands on the neck
  • A double chin, resulting from sagging of fat and skin on the jawline
  • Jowls, or sagging skin along the lower face and jawline

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Tightening the Neck, Jawline, and Chin

These issues can detract from a person’s attractive features, but they are all able to be corrected with a neck lift performed by a board certified facial plastic surgeon. A neck lift can tighten skin, remove excess fat, and restore a smooth, youthful appearance to this important part of your appearance.

If you have a double chin and are interested in a non-surgical option, Kybella may be the answer for you. This is a FDA-approved, knifeless procedure that eliminates fat in the chin area with a series of injections.


How Long Does a Neck Lift Last?

The improvements you achieve from a neck lift can last many years if performed by a skilled surgeon. Although no plastic surgery procedure can prevent all future aging, your results will provide you with a younger, fresher look at any age that is long-lasting.

For optimal results from your neck lift, follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions. You’ll need to avoid excessive force or motion on the skin during the initial healing period. Daily sun protection is essential, and applying creams and moisturizers in an upward motion (avoid pulling skin downward) can also be beneficial.


What is the Best Age to Get A Neck Lift?

The beauty of the neck lift is that it offers benefits for nearly any age. Whether sagging and signs of aging appear in the 40s, or a person in their 70s wants to correct this common problem, a neck lift can rejuvenate a person’s appearance and take years off.

Age is not the most important factor for neck lift patients. A good neck lift candidate should be a non-smoker in good overall health who fully understands the procedure and has positive, yet realistic, expectations of what plastic surgery can do for them.


How Can a Neck Lift Improve My Appearance?

Many people dislike the appearance of their neck, but wonder whether a neck lift can accomplish the improvement they are seeking. Start by talking with a board certified facial plastic surgeon, and view plenty of before and after photos of their neck lift procedures. In general, a neck lift can:

  • Smooth out wrinkles on the neck
  • Eliminate the “turkey gobbler” look
  • Tighten the jawline
  • Remove a double chin through liposuction

The skill of your surgeon plays a big role in the success of your procedure. Be sure you choose a surgeon who is heavily experienced in facial plastic surgery and neck lifts. This will help you get the best possible results.


Can You Get A Neck Lift Without A Face Lift?

There is no “requirement” to get a face lift and neck lift together. A neck lift can be a standalone procedure that works well for many people. But, it also works well when paired with other procedure, including a face lift. Other ways to get a younger face that can enhance your youthful look include non-invasive procedures like Botox, cosmetic injectables, laser peels, and a vampire facial.

Many people confuse the terms “neck lift” and “lower face lift.” When you talk with your surgeon, be sure you discuss your specific problem areas and which procedures will be best for you.


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