The Power of Light in a Facial

IPL, or Photofacial is a quick procedure with little to no downtime to rejuvenate the skin. IPL is not a laser, but a specific light that is selectively targeted to rejuvenate the skin, without causing any of the signs associated with lasers or chemical peels. For the right patient, it reduces fine lines, increases skin elasticity, and reduces brown spots and red capillaries, resulting in better skin tones.

The treatment usually consists of a series of 4-6 treatments, spaced four weeks apart. During the treatment, a flash of light targets the superficial skin (the epidermis) to reduce uneven skin tones.

IPL can treat many areas of the face and body including the neck, chest, back hands, arms, and legs. Sun exposure should be minimized after treatment for best results.

For patients with deeper pigmentation such as Melasma, or deeper wrinkles and pores, laser peels or chemical peels may be a better option.
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