A Laser Peel, also called Laser Skin Resurfacing, is another way to remove wrinkles, scars, skin blemishes and improve the overall skin elasticity and texture. Dr. Siegel recommends reading the section on chemical peels as well, to get a better understanding about some of the best ways to rejuvenate skin.
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New and Improved Laser Peel Technology

New developments in laser technology give the patient better and more tailored options to improve on facial lines and wrinkles. Older lasers, while achieving excellent wrinkle removal, resulted in very long recovery periods, and did not give flexible options to patients.

Newer technologies allow for better and more precise control. Treatments can be tailored to a patient’s needs and lifestyle. Recovery times do not have to be as long, or as labor intensive if they are done with an experienced doctor. Dr. Siegel is a considered a top laser specialist in Houston.

Combination Treatments are Best

If you are looking for options to improve facial lines, wrinkles, scars, damaged skin from excessive sun exposure, pore size or just get overall skin rejuvenation, let Dr. Siegel tailor a treatment plan that matches your goals and lifestyle. His expertise will allow you to design a treatment that meets your needs, whether you can afford to take off just a weekend or a whole week for recovery.

Not all lasers are capable of producing the same results. Top of the line lasers provide the ultimate flexibility. Dr Siegel uses The Lumenis® Ultrapulse™ Fractional CO2 Laser. It is the most customizable and versatile laser for skin rejuvenation, and provides effective single treatments with minimal recovery time. This technology coupled with Dr Siegel’s experience and expertise will deliver younger skin, with a short recovery time and in a safe manner.

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