Top 3 Cosmetic Procedures For a More Youthful Face

With the huge steps plastic surgery has taken in recent years, there’s such an unbelievable range of options out there that it’s quite difficult to determine which are most effective. Should you get a facelift—and if so, what type of facelift yields the best results? Should you use lasers or chemical peels, or both?

Every person’s needs are unique, and a genuine “Top 3” would arise from a discussion with your plastic surgeon. Nevertheless, this post will rank some of the most tried-and-tested procedures in the industry.

#3) Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a great option for people who want something minimally invasive that still gets serious results. There are light, medium, and deep peels. Light peels are the type often found at spas—and although you can buy them over the counter and apply them yourself, they don’t really rejuvenate your skin in any meaningful way.

Medium or deep peels are far more effective, because they simultaneously remove superficial skin layers and stimulate collagen, improving the youthfulness and elasticity of your skin. Because of the “burn” and lengthy recovery time that these deeper peels often involve, Dr. Siegel developed his own painless, non-acid skin peel. It yields the same results, but without any acid-burn, and with a much shorter recovery time.

#2) Botox and Injectable Fillers

Botox, and hyaluronic fillers such as Juvéderm or Restylane, are complimentary treatments rather than direct competitors. Both have their own special merits, and certain areas of the face are better suited for one over the other (which is why we’ve included both in our list!). Botox lasts for three to four months, while fillers generally last for eight months or more. Both treatments can get excellent results, including reduced frown lines, reduced crow’s feet, and more youthful-looking skin in general.

#1) The Modern Facelift

Peels, fillers, and other treatments are all fantastic options, but it’s the modern take on the classic facelift which can often get the most stunning improvements. Dr. Siegel has performed more than 1,500 facelifts over the years, and this vast experience has allowed him to come up with his own improved version of the procedure. His trademarked Vertical Facelift raises the skin to its original position, countering the sagging effects of gravity. This sets it apart from most facelifts, which “pull” the skin backwards into an unnaturally taut position. His technique can subtract years from your appearance, while preserving the underlying features that make you you.

An honorable mention goes to laser treatment, which can be a great way to remove scars, wrinkles, and other blemishes. Of course, some of the most impressive results come from a combination of two or more procedures. The best way to work out which ones are ideal for your situation is to speak to an experienced facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Siegel prides himself on his approachable manner and his years of expertise, and he’s always happy to talk. Contact his office today to find out more!

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