Top 4 Benefits of Combining Facial Procedures

Cosmetic procedures can help you enhance your facial features and boost your confidence. As CNN reported in 2013, increasing numbers of people are using both nonsurgical and surgical methods to beautify their looks. If you decide to invest in your self-esteem and appearance with facial procedures at our practice, Dr. Michel Siegel will create a customized treatment plan to suit your needs, preferences, budget, and desired results. Depending on your particular aesthetic concerns, he may recommend performing more than one treatment simultaneously. There are numerous advantages to this approach, both medically and cosmetically, which is why “42% of all U.S. cosmetic plastic surgery patients in 2007 had two or more procedures performed at the same time” according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. In the following blog, we highlight the top four benefits of combining facial procedures so you can better understand your options.

1. Your recovery will most likely be shorter than if you had separate procedures.

Undergoing multiple surgeries at one time allows you to recover from them simultaneously, shortening your overall convalescence. For example, if you are unsatisfied with your facial proportions, Dr. Siegel may recommend both rhinoplasty (nose surgery) and chin augmentation with implant placement. Patients typically take one to two weeks off of work, school, or regular activities after both surgeries and may require up to several months to fully recover. If you combine procedures, you may require a slightly longer healing period, but this will be much shorter than if you underwent each one separately. For example, rather than taking a week off of work two separate times, you can take ten days off once.

2. Combining procedures can reduce your risk for complications.

All of our treatments are generally safe, especially with Dr. Siegel’s extensive experience and expertise. However, any time you go under the knife, are put under anesthesia, or even have an injection, you could experience an adverse or allergic reaction. Combining procedures provides less opportunity for side effects and complications. Your treatment may be slightly longer, but Dr. Siegel can usually use a lower dose of anesthesia than would be required for two separate procedures. While many plastic surgeons still perform facial procedures under general anesthesia, Dr. Siegel also shortens his patients’ recovery and operative surgical times by offering less invasive options. Depending on your particular case, he may be able to make even fewer incisions by combining surgeries.

3. This is often a more affordable approach.

When you undergo plastic surgery, you pay not just for the procedure itself, but for the operating room, anesthesiologist, and other fees. Combining treatments means you are billed just once for these types of expenses, which could reduce your overall cost.

4. Your enhancements can complement each other for beautiful outcomes.

The primary reason Dr. Siegel and other plastic surgeons often recommend combining procedures is because this technique can lead to excellent results. For example, combining the muscle-relaxing property of BOTOX® Cosmetic with the plumping power of dermal fillers can rejuvenate your face for attractive, long-lasting results. Similarly, combining blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) with a face lift can brighten your entire face for a more cosmetic, youthful appearance.

Beautify Your Face with Combined Procedures

Dr. Siegel and our team offer a full suite of facial cosmetic procedures. Combining treatments may shorten your recovery period, lower your risks, save you money, and provide gorgeous results. To learn more about our services or find out if combining procedures may be right for you, contact our Houston practice today to schedule a consultation.

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