Which non surgical procedures last the longest?

If you’re looking for ways to get a younger looking face without surgery, you have more options than ever. In fact, it seems there are so many choices available, it can be hard to decide which ones you need – and which ones give you the lasting results you want.

For starters, talk with a board certified facial plastic surgeon who truly understands the mechanics and qualities of skin and facial features. He or she should offer non-surgical options to help with different concerns and should be able to recommend certain procedures for you. If you’re looking for long-lasting results without a lot of maintenance, these are some of your best bets.

Kybella for a Double Chin

Few facial features are more common – or more disliked – than a double chin. It’s a problem that affects people of nearly any age, skin type, or weight. Often due to genetics and the effects of gravity, a double chin can make you look older and heavier. Until recently, the only way to correct it was with a face lift and/or liposuction.

But Kybella®, a revolutionary injectable treatment, can successfully destroy fat cells in the chin area. It gives you a slimmer, more sculpted profile and effectively eliminates a double chin for many people with no incisions, anesthesia, or lengthy recovery. Although more than one treatment may be needed, its effects are permanent once the desired results are achieved. That’s long-lasting results at their best!

Fillers and a Youthful Face

When it comes to looking younger and more attractive, sometimes more is better. More volume in the lips or cheeks can make a face look years younger. And using the skin’s own building blocks and natural substances below the surface can fill in wrinkles and creases in ways that skin creams simply can’t.

But if you decide to get a filler, can you expect the results to last? Today’s fillers offered at Dr. Siegel’s practice, such as Juvéderm®, Restylane®, and Radiesse®, can last a year or more in many cases. Not only does this make them incredibly effective at keeping you looking great, but it’s convenient and cost-effective too.

Chemical and Laser Peels

If you’re dealing with lines, wrinkles, sun damage, or scars, you know how much work it can be to apply special creams and products day after day, only to see mild results. But with laser and chemical peels performed by a facial plastic surgeon, you’ll see a remarkable improvement in your skin’s texture and appearance, and the results can last many months.

Although there is no set timeframe for how long your results will last with peels, your surgeon can help you get maximum mileage out of your treatment by tailoring it to your skin type and desired outcome. In addition, diligent sun protection and a quality skin care routine will go a long way toward keeping your skin looking amazing as long as possible.

Finding What Works for You

If you’re not ready for plastic surgery but want to see an improved appearance that will go the distance, talk with Dr. Michel Siegel about your effective non-surgical options. His expertise in facial aesthetics allows him to recommend the best possible treatments for you and your lifestyle. For more information about these and other facial procedures, schedule your consultation today!

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