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What is a lip lift?

A lip lift can enhance your lips by adding more volume and definition. The minimally invasive surgical procedure can safely modify the lip’s contours, size, and fullness by raising the vermilion border, or the edges of the lips. The lip lift procedure is more natural than fillers and can offer a consistent and longer-lasting solution to lip enhancement.

Am I a good candidate for this procedure?

If you have lost the pinkness in your lips, or your skin has started to age, you may be a good candidate for a lip lift. Maybe you’ve experienced fuller lips with dermal fillers, but no longer wish to keep up with the maintenance. Some men and women are born with thin lips or lips or asymmetry. If your lips have been a source of frustration or embarrassment, a lip lift could be your answer.

Why choose Dr. Siegel for your lip lift?

Your lip lift can be a great experience with the right surgeon. Dr. Siegel is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon with a stellar reputation, who serves the Houston area as facial surgery specialist. His warm and approachable demeanor will instantly make you feel at ease. His skill, expertise, and natural talent to address your individual needs will give you the confidence undergo a lip lift and finally have beautiful, plump, youthful lips — for the long term.


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What is the recovery from a lip lift procedure?

A lip lift is an outpatient procedure and is minimally invasive. You should plan to have someone drive you home, as the effects of the sedation will most likely still be in your system. You may experience slight to moderate discomfort. Mild pain medication can be administered, or any over the counter medicines such as Advil can help. Your bandages will need to stay in place for 24 hours. After a week to 10 days, you should feel comfortable and confident returning to your normal activities.

What are the benefits of a lip lift?

  • Minimally invasive
  • More permanent than dermal fillers
  • Teeth are more visible
  • Shorten the upper lip for a poutier appearance
  • Restores pinkness to the lips
  • Improves the shape of the lips
  • Elevate the mouth corners
  • More natural than dermal fillers
  • Invisible incisions
  • Reduce the amount of skin around the nose and upper lip area

Are there any side effects with a lip lift?

The most common side effects include minor redness and swelling. On occasion, there may be some bruising. You will feel some tenderness near the incision site. These side effects will resolve within a week. Any swelling may take up to several weeks to completely disappear.

Will I have scars?

With Dr. Siegel’s meticulous precision surgical technique, you can feel comfortable knowing any scarring with your lip lift will be invisible, with results that bring you greater happiness in all the years ahead, with fuller, plumper, more attractive lips.

What is the cost of a lip lift in Houston?

The cost of a lip lift with Dr. Siegel varies, but typically ranges between $3,500 to $7,000.

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