Restylane Overview

As a facial filler, it works by attracting and binding water molecules, thereby increasing the volume of water in your skin cells. This additional volume smooths out folds, wrinkles, and lines for a more youthful appearance. It is common today for many spas and clinics to offer Restylane® injections. Keep in mind that, although it is a non-surgical treatment, Restylane® is still a medical procedure and should only be performed by a physician- especially a plastic surgeon trained and experienced in facial surgery. Houston facial plastic surgeon Dr. Michel Siegel has used Restylane® to help many patients achieve glowing, firm skin over the years. He custom tailors a treatment package for each patient’s unique needs to help them achieve optimal outcomes with this minimally invasive treatment.

The Restylane® Process


If you’re interested in having Houston Restylane® injections, the first step is a consultation with Dr. Siegel. At this appointment, Dr. Siegel will discuss your cosmetic concerns with you, answer any questions you have about Restylane® or other dermal fillers, and begin planning your treatment. He may also create and show you a three-dimensional model of what you face might look like after Restylane® injections. There is no set amount of time for your consultation appointment. Dr. Siegel will go over the ins and outs of Restylane® with you until you feel confident moving forward and excited about your expected results.


Unlike similar products, the hyaluronic acid in Restylane® is not produced from animal materials. This makes it fully bio-compatible, so treatments can be carried out immediately, without the need for allergy testing, as is the case with some other dermal fillers. Dr. Siegel and our team will provide you with precise instructions to follow before your Restylane® injection appointment. While these will vary based on your specific needs and preferences, you will typically want to avoid taking certain medications for about a week prior to injecting Restylane® fillers, stop drinking alcohol for several days before, and stay hydrated.


Dr. Siegel performs all Restylane® injections himself, at our Houston cosmetic surgery office. A Restylane® treatment session is quick and easy, typically taking only 10 to 15 minutes. During your appointment, Dr. Siegel will inject Restylane® directly into your skin in tiny amounts, using an ultra-fine needle for minimal discomfort. While not necessary, Dr. Siegel may also anesthetize the treatment area to help you remain as comfortable as possible.


Most patients are able to see results from Restylane® almost instantaneously. Some patients may experience minor reactions such as swelling, redness, pain, itching, discoloration, and tenderness at the injection sites. These symptoms typically go away within a few days after Restylane® injections (or within a week for Restylane® lip injections). While Restylane® treatment is a long-lasting injectable, it is not permanent. It varies from patient to patient depending on factors such as your age, skin type, lifestyle, and muscle activity, as well as the injection technique. Given his advanced understanding of facial plastic surgery and injectables, Dr. Siegel optimizes his methods to ensure outcomes last as long as possible. Together with Dr. Siegel, you can plan regular visits to maintain the result of your Restylane® treatment. Most patients choose to have a follow-up treatment approximately six to twelve months after the initial injection.

Restylane FAQ's

Most patients begin to see the effects of Restylane® treatments immediately following injection. Some patients experience relatively mild side effects following injection, which can obscure some of the plumping and tightening results from this treatment. In addition, Restylane® may continue to bind and attract water molecules for about two weeks following initial injection. You will most likely see Restylane® beginning to work right after your injection, but the full effect of the treatment is usually fully visible after approximately two weeks.

Given his expertise in facial anatomy and cosmetic procedures, Dr. Siegel utilizes different Restylane® techniques to provide patient-specific enhancements and adjustments. These include:

  • Lip augmentation: Siegel uses Restylane® lip injections to give patients fuller, more sensuous mouths. Restylane® typically produces a more pronounced mouth or a soft, pouting look without surgical intervention. When performing lip augmentation with Restylane® lip fillers, Dr. Siegel injects it into the inside of the upper and/or lower lip. He often combines this with a Restylane® injection along the edge of the lips for an even more youthful and natural appearance. Often the physician will massage the Restylane® to ensure it is evenly distributed, avoiding a bumpy, unnatural look. Dr. Siegel is always extremely careful to make sure both sides of the mouth are symmetrical after the procedure.
  • Tear-trough fill: Restylane® injections can help add volume to and soften even the most pronounced tear troughs, which are deep grooves between the lower eyelid and the cheek.
  • Anti-aging: While facial plastic surgery like a face lift can help tighten the skin and BOTOX® Cosmetic can relax the facial muscles to release dynamic wrinkles, only Restylane® can restore volume lost with aging. Increased volume can create facial fullness and symmetry, enhance certain facial features, and diminish signs of aging.
  • Smile and forehead lines and wrinkles: Siegel can use Restylane® to decrease both the horizontal lines across your forehead and the vertical lines between your eyebrows. These creases form as a normal part of the process of aging and losing skin volume. Restylane® can produce a face lift-like effect, making smile lines and forehead lines less visible, thereby refreshing the face.
  • Acne scar treatment and removal: One of the best uses of Restylane® is to fill and remove either shallow or deep pockmarks from severe acne. To perform this procedure, Dr. Siegel injects Restylane® into the area of the scar, filling and smoothing the surface of the depression. After Restylane® treatment, your skin will be smooth and your scars will become significantly less visible.
  • Nose enhancement: Siegel is known as the nose doctor in Houston due to his skill in rhinoplasty (plastic surgery for the nose). He can also use Restylane® to correct asymmetry in the nose, augment your bridge, fill dents, and provide other cosmetic improvements.

These are the most common uses for Restylane® injections at our Houston office. You can enjoy the benefits of one, several, or all of these applications. Dr. Siegel will discuss the particular uses that are most appropriate for your face at your initial consultation.

Studies have demonstrated that repeated use of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers like Restylane® can cause your body to naturally begin producing more collagen. This may further enhance your results and lengthen the effects of your treatment each time you have a Restylane® injection. However, these results may vary from patient to patient. Dr. Siegel can help you better understand the effect Restylane® could have on your unique facial structure and appearance at your first appointment.

People travel from across the US and world for a improved look by Dr. Siegel, but many are right here in the Houston area. We often see patients from Cypress, Spring, Bellaire, Sugar Land, Fulshear, Humble, Katy, and other nearby communities. We also see many patients from other areas in Texas, including Austin, San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth, Midland, Odessa, to name a few. Wherever you are, we look forward to helping you achieve your best look.

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