Which filler is best for me?

A common question about dermal fillers and injectables always involves which filler to use, or which lasts the longest. Most fillers aren’t too different for their uses, but there are several things that Dr. Siegel wants to make sure patients understand:

The results of your fillers depend on the injector, not the injectable used.

  • Muscle placement, technique, precision, and many other items factor into you injectable, so finding an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon is key.

All fillers will last for about the same amount of time. In Dr. Siegel’s experience, the material is not as important of a factor as the location of the injection.

  • Lip & Nose injections (which are more superficial on the skin) tend to last 3-6 months, while cheek injections may last 12-18 months since the area is closer to bone, and there is less movement.

The difference between looking fake or “injected” and natural results, also depends on the injector.

  • An experienced psyician like Dr. Siegel knows proper aesthetics, facial anatomy, and proportions- and they can expertly apply that knowledge for your fillers.

Beware of some ‘certified’ injectors and clinics.

  • It takes only 48 hours to get an injector’s license. That means someone can take a course on Friday, and offer services by Monday- with no actual training or supervision.

Fillers are still a medical procedure.

  • It may not be surgery, but injectables still fall under the medical procedure category. The chances of any complications are directly related to the degree and experience of your injector.

Find somebody you TRUST for your fillers.

  • It has taken Dr. Siegel several years, and thousands of injections to truly master the art of non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Finding an experienced, trustworthy doctor for your treatment is of utmost importance.