Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, or a nose job, reshapes or resizes the nose to correct cosmetic imperfections and structural issues. At our Houston plastic surgery office, Dr. Michel Siegel understands that not every patient is ready to undergo surgery, and some may not have the downtime available to recover from a traditional rhinoplasty. Fortunately, there is a non-invasive treatment option that can correct aesthetic issues and minor imperfections in the nose: the non-surgical rhinoplasty. For this procedure, Dr. Siegel combines his extensive experience in dermal fillers with his years spent perfecting rhinoplasty techniques to create a more attractive nose without any surgery. A non-invasive rhinoplasty is performed with no incisions, no anesthesia, and no downtime. This special non-surgical procedure requires only injections to give you a more beautiful nose. Dr. Siegel uses proven dermal fillers Juvéderm® and Restylane® to sculpt and shape the nose during one short office visit.

A non-surgical nose job can correct many of the cosmetic concerns patients have about their noses. Although it isn’t exactly the same as nose surgery, Dr. Siegel’s non-surgical rhinoplasty can smooth out humps and bumps on the bridge of the nose, straighten a crooked appearance, make a flat or wide nose look more defined, add fullness to a narrow nose, add definition to the nose tip, and even correct issues from a prior rhinoplasty- particularly in the case when an additional surgery isn’t recommended. Despite the fact that it is minimally invasive, this procedure should only be performed by a skilled facial plastic surgeon who can use careful precision and advanced techniques to give you a beautiful, natural-looking result. Known as the “nose doctor” due to his comprehensive knowledge in the field, Dr. Siegel is the ideal provider for non-surgical rhinoplasty in Houston.


One week after my rhinoplasty I walked into Dr. Siegel’s office to finally see the results. I’d waited for this moment for more than ten years- and I was nervous. I’d compulsively found every list online of botched nose jobs. I researched all the worst possible outcomes of recovery, but there I was just one week later; I wasn’t stuffed with gauze, there was no heavy bruising, and it certainly didn’t hurt. Just a simple splint and what felt like the longest week of my life waiting for that appointment.

- Jane D, Septoplasty

Dr. Siegel removed the splint easily and painlessly with a liquid solution and asked if I was ready to see my new nose. Seeing myself in the mirror for the first time after my surgery was unreal- it was a subtle, natural looking change, my nose finally fit my face. After waiting for nearly a decade, I finally felt like I had the nose that I should have been born with.

- Jane D, Septoplasty

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The Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Process


If you’re interested in having a non-surgical rhinoplasty, the first step is a consultation with Dr. Siegel. During this appointment, he will examine your nose, discuss your aesthetic concerns with you, answer any questions you may have about this procedure. Based on your facial structure and anatomy, he will design a customized treatment plan to get you the best possible results.


Dr. Siegel will give you a personalized set of guidelines to follow in order to get ready for your non-invasive rhinoplasty. These will vary based on your particular circumstances, but typically you should plan on avoiding medications that could interfere with your injections, staying properly hydrated, and make sure to arrive at your appointment with clean, makeup-free skin.


A non-surgical nose job typically takes about a half an hour to complete. This procedure often requires no anesthesia or sedation, but will be specific to the individual. Dr. Siegel will determine the number and volume of your injections based on your unique cosmetic and medical needs, as well as your particular facial structure. Most patients report little to no discomfort during this procedure.


In some cases, minor injection-related reactions such as swelling, redness, pain, itching, discoloration, and tenderness can occur following a non-invasive rhinoplasty. These problems are very manageable and typically subside within just a few days. Any redness or discoloration can be covered with makeup if needed. Working with an experienced nose surgeon and injectable provider like Dr. Siegel minimizes your risk for complications or unattractive results. Most patients do not require any downtime after a non-surgical rhinoplasty. You should be able to return to work immediately following your procedure, and results are often visible as soon as the treatment’s complete.

Why Dr. Siegel

When it comes to your facial appearance, preserving natural contours, knowing which features to enhance and which ones not to, will make the difference between enhancing your self or appearing unnatural.

Dr. Siegel is sought out by highly sophisticated, discerning patients because of his innovative, yet conservative approach to Facial procedures- achieving natural, rested, and proportionate outcomes that exceed patients’ expectations.