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Scar Removal Overview

No two scars are alike- even on your own body. Scars can happen many different ways- some of the most common being from an accident, surgical incision, or burn. Any breakage in the skin produces collagen as part of the healing process. When too much collagen is produced, a scar is formed. These marks can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance and interfere with your overall wellbeing.

The depth of a scar is a key element in its treatment, and Dr. Siegel regularly sees patients who have wasted hundreds of dollars on treatments like microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and fillers that are ineffective to remove deep scars. Once a scar is formed, it can never be completely erased.

However, there are ways to hide or reduce the severity of the scar so it’s not easily seen by the naked eye. Dr. Siegel has the experience and skill required to remove many different types of scars based on their location, age, depth, and other important factors- all in a way that’s custom tailored to you.


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Scar Removal FAQ's

Is laser scar removal permanent?

Whether or not your results are permanent depends on a variety of different factors. In some cases, laser scar removal offers lifelong outcomes, and in other cases, the scar comes back. Dr. Siegel strives to make each scar removal last as long as possible by using the most advanced technology at his disposal. Considered the gold standard for CO2 lasers, our Lumenis CO2 UltraPulse has had a long history of proven results in treating conspicuous scars. This device can be adjusted to treated scars depending on their depth, size, and the patient’s preferred recovery time. The laser essentially vaporizes superficial scars by stimulating collagen to reduce scar visibility over time. For deeper scars, it creates a smooth contour that gradually makes them less noticeable. You can also help make your results as permanent as possible by having the recommended number of treatments and follow ups, carefully following the after-care instructions, and maintaining a healthy skincare regimen.

What types of scars can be removed?

Dr. Siegel’s scar removal treatment process can reduce the appearance of many different types of scars. For acne scars, we can help erase years of skin neglect. Dr. Siegel can also mask and minimize the look of burn scars. In addition, he can assist you with raised, pitted, or red scars. If you’re interested in scar removal, we suggest that you schedule a consultation with Dr. Siegel. At your first appointment, he can tell you whether or not we can treat your particular scar.

How many treatments does it take to see results?

There is no single answer to this question. The number of scar removal treatments you require will depend on the type, depth, size, shape, texture, and appearance of your scar, as well as your particular cosmetic preferences and medical needs. You may need only one treatment, or you may require several to obtain the outcome you want. Dr. Siegel will discuss the number of treatments he expects you will need at your initial consultation.

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