Laser Peels

A laser peel, also called laser skin resurfacing, is a treatment used to remove wrinkles, scars, and skin blemishes. It can also improve overall skin elasticity and texture. New developments in laser technology give you better, more specific options to reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. Although they achieved excellent wrinkle removal, older laser treatments included very long recovery periods and were not flexible enough to give patients many options. Newer technologies allow for better, more precise control. With the latest tools, Dr. Siegel can tailor facial laser peels to your needs and lifestyle. When you undergo a laser peel treatment with an experienced doctor, your recovery doesn’t need to be as long or labor-intensive. Dr. Siegel is considered a top specialist in laser skin peels in Houston. If you’d like to undergo laser rejuvenation therapy, he will create a custom treatment plan to help you achieve your desired results.


One week after my rhinoplasty I walked into Dr. Siegel’s office to finally see the results. I’d waited for this moment for more than ten years- and I was nervous. I’d compulsively found every list online of botched nose jobs. I researched all the worst possible outcomes of recovery, but there I was just one week later; I wasn’t stuffed with gauze, there was no heavy bruising, and it certainly didn’t hurt. Just a simple splint and what felt like the longest week of my life waiting for that appointment.

- Jane D, Septoplasty

Dr. Siegel removed the splint easily and painlessly with a liquid solution and asked if I was ready to see my new nose. Seeing myself in the mirror for the first time after my surgery was unreal- it was a subtle, natural looking change, my nose finally fit my face. After waiting for nearly a decade, I finally felt like I had the nose that I should have been born with.

- Jane D, Septoplasty

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The Laser Peel Process


Patients who want to pursue laser face peels begin by meeting with Dr. Siegel. During this first appointment, he will examine your face, discuss your cosmetic concerns with you, answer any questions you have about laser peel effects, and create a personalized treatment plan for you.  Whether you’re looking to improve facial lines, remove wrinkles, diminish the appearance of scars, restore damaged skin from excessive sun exposure, reduce pore size, or combat general signs of aging, Dr. Siegel will create a specific plan for you that addresses each concern. He will take into account your aesthetic preferences, medical needs, and the amount of time you have available to heal. There is no set amount of time for this consultation appointment. Dr. Siegel will meet with you for as long as you need to feel informed, confident, and comfortable moving forward with laser rejuvenation therapy.


Since each patient and each laser peel treatment is unique, there is no one standard way to prepare for your appointment. Dr. Siegel will give have guidelines for your specific procedures or plan to help you enjoy all the laser peel benefits while remaining healthy and safe. Generally speaking, you should plan on avoiding any medications that could interfere with the treatment, drinking enough water, and staying out of the sun to avoid a sunburn.


On the day of your laser peel, you’ll come to our comfortable Houston office. Dr. Siegel may numb your face before the procedure for your own comfort, although this is not always necessary. The precise techniques Dr. Siegel uses to perform your treatment will depend on your aesthetic preferences, medical needs, and several other factors. The length of your laser peel may be anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours. Dr. Siegel will take as much time as he needs to deliver your desired results in a safe and effective way. For the procedure, he will use the Lumenis® Ultrapulse™ Fractional CO2 laser. It’s the most customizable and versatile laser for skin rejuvenation therapy- providing powerful single treatments with minimal recovery time. This technology, coupled with Dr. Siegel’s experience and expertise, will safely deliver younger skin with a short recovery time.


After your laser peel, Dr. Siegel may place bandages over treatment areas to protect them and help you heal more comfortably. Most patients are able to return to work immediately, although some take the rest of the day to rest. You will most likely need to use a special antibacterial moisturizing cream a few times a day for several days following treatment. While Dr. Siegel takes precautions to minimize swelling, it is normal for some patients to experience inflammation after a laser peel. Ice and painkillers can help alleviate discomfort or swollen treatment areas. About a week after your laser peel, your treated skin cells will flake and ‘peel off’ so that your body works to create a fresh and revitalized layer of skin- a vital part of the rejuvenating process. Your skin should be mostly recovered several weeks after your laser peel, and you’ll continue to heal and see results from your treatment for several months.

Why Dr. Siegel

When it comes to your facial appearance, preserving natural contours, knowing which features to enhance and which ones not to, will make the difference between enhancing your self or appearing unnatural.

Dr. Siegel is sought out by highly sophisticated, discerning patients because of his innovative, yet conservative approach to Facial procedures- achieving natural, rested, and proportionate outcomes that exceed patients’ expectations.