Scar Removal

No two scars are alike- even on your own body. Scars can happen many different ways- some of the most common being from an accident, surgical incision, or burn. Any breakage in the skin produces collagen as part of the healing process. When too much collagen is produced, a scar is formed. These marks can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance and interfere with your overall wellbeing. Dr. Michel Siegel is a seasoned facial plastic surgeon with extensive expertise in this area, he offers some of the best scar removal in Houston. His in-depth understanding of facial anatomy and sharp sense of aesthetics make him uniquely suited to perform facial scar removal.

The depth of a scar is a key element in its treatment, and Dr. Siegel regularly sees patients who have wasted hundreds of dollars on treatments like microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and fillers that are ineffective to remove deep scars. Once a scar is formed, it can never be completely erased. However, there are ways to hide or reduce the severity of the scar so it’s not easily seen by the naked eye. Dr. Siegel has the experience and skill required to remove many different types of scars based on their location, age, depth, and other important factors- all in a way that’s custom tailored to you.


One week after my rhinoplasty I walked into Dr. Siegel’s office to finally see the results. I’d waited for this moment for more than ten years- and I was nervous. I’d compulsively found every list online of botched nose jobs. I researched all the worst possible outcomes of recovery, but there I was just one week later; I wasn’t stuffed with gauze, there was no heavy bruising, and it certainly didn’t hurt. Just a simple splint and what felt like the longest week of my life waiting for that appointment.

- Jane D, Septoplasty

Dr. Siegel removed the splint easily and painlessly with a liquid solution and asked if I was ready to see my new nose. Seeing myself in the mirror for the first time after my surgery was unreal- it was a subtle, natural looking change, my nose finally fit my face. After waiting for nearly a decade, I finally felt like I had the nose that I should have been born with.

- Jane D, Septoplasty

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The Scar Removal Process


If you want to pursue facial scar removal in Houston, the first step is scheduling a meeting with Dr. Siegel. During this initial appointment, he will examine your scar tissue, discuss any cosmetic concerns you have, and create a customized treatment plan to suit your needs. He will meet with you for as long as it takes for you to feel comfortable and confident moving forward with our team for any facial scar removal you’d like done.


If you’ve recently experienced scarring, you may need to wait some time before undergoing facial scar removal. Scars form over a six- to twelve-month period. During this time, they may change. Because of this, Dr. Siegel recommends waiting on any scar removal until they have fully matured, and are finished developing so you get complete, lasting results. Once we are sure that enough time has passed for you to undergo facial scar removal, Dr. Siegel will schedule a treatment appointment with you. He will give you a detailed, customized set of instructions to follow for your particular procedure plan to get the best possible results.


Dr. Siegel most often performs laser scar removal. He has been effectively treating scars for over a decade, and has found the Lumenis CO2 laser produces the most consistent results for many patients’ needs. The exact techniques he will utilize depends on your unique circumstances and scar tissue. When scars are deep and/or cover a broader area of the face, he generally performs a micro-release of the scars. This is done by adhering a thin layer of fat filler to the underlying tissues so that the scar will not sink down into the skin, smoothing out scars by creating a more even skin texture. Dr. Siegel may also employ different methods for specific types of blemishes like nose scar removal, acne scar removal, and burn scar removal. No matter which type of scar removal treatment(s) Dr. Siegel performs for you, he will personalize your procedure to your particular needs.


After your procedure, you should be able to return to work immediately. You may experience slight inflammation, discomfort, tenderness, and/or discoloration around the treatment area for several weeks. Your scar will likely take several months to completely heal and diminish in appearance. Depending on the severity and type of scar you’re removing, you may need to return to our office for follow-up treatments. Our permanent scar removal process offers long-lasting outcomes. Remember that once a scar is formed, it can only be improved upon, not erased. Even after treatment, there is a small risk that the scar will return. Dr. Siegel will offer his professional opinion on your unique case to determine which option will give you the most satisfying results.

Why Dr. Siegel

When it comes to your facial appearance, preserving natural contours, knowing which features to enhance and which ones not to, will make the difference between enhancing your self or appearing unnatural.

Dr. Siegel is sought out by highly sophisticated, discerning patients because of his innovative, yet conservative approach to Facial procedures- achieving natural, rested, and proportionate outcomes that exceed patients’ expectations.