Don’t Get Burned by Ineffective Burn Scar Removal Treatments

Burns alter the composition, amount and orientation of collagen found in the skin. The result is usually a raised area with lack of collagen uniformity. These changes at a molecular level produce a raised, bumpy and contracted area of skin – a scar.

Although burn scars cannot be completely removed, with the help of the CO2 laser, scars can be “polished” to make them flatter and less conspicuous.

The CO2 Laser resurfaces the skin. It causes scars to flatten and collagen to re-arrange itself into a more favorable geometric pattern. This produces a more socially acceptable and attractive appearance.

The cost of burn scar removal treatment will vary on the location and size of the scar, as well as the number of treatments required.

If you have a scar as a result of a burn, allow Dr Siegel’s experience with the CO2 laser to improve on the appearance of your scar.