Why Do You Heal Faster When You Sleep?

Perhaps more than ever before, we live in a world where a natural sleep rhythm is an almost unattainable luxury. How many people still wake with the sunrise rather than the alarm clock? How many people still drift off when they’re tired, without the distraction of bright screens keeping them up late into the night? In […]

Is The Recovery Process Different in the Summer?

As we head into the summer months, cosmetic procedures can become more appealing than ever. Many of us are shedding our thick winter clothes, hitting the beaches, and we want to look our absolute best. The hot weather and extra sun exposure, however, can negatively influence your recovery time after certain cosmetic procedures. Let’s look at some […]

Fixing A Bad Nose Job: The Science Of Revision Rhinoplasty

  Rhinoplasty has made huge advances in recent years. Better technology, as well as more effective surgical techniques, have left an increasingly large proportion of patients feeling thrilled with their results. That being said, things sometimes do go wrong—most often due to sloppy methods, inexperienced surgeons, or business models whereby the quantity of patients is prioritized over quality […]

How Do I Slim Down My Neck?

Though facelifts get a lot of attention these days, your neck also has a huge impact on your overall appearance. An otherwise youthful face can be aged considerably by a sagging, jowly neck. And sometimes even very fit or slender people can find it difficult to get rid of a stubborn double chin. Fortunately, both […]

Which Cosmetic Procedures Have The Quickest Recovery Time?

Plastic surgery in general has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, and a noticeable aspect of this surge has been the rise in “lunch-break” procedures. These procedures—so named because they take about the same time to complete as making and eating a sandwich—usually involve either no surgery at all, or fairly non-invasive surgery. […]