Cosmetic Chin Surgery in Houston

Chin surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure intended to reshape the chin by enhancing it with a chin implant. If you have a weak chin, cosmetic chin surgery can help provide a more harmonious balance to the way you look by bringing your chin into proportion with the rest of your face. Dr. Siegel’s approach to chin enhancement is designed to ensure the most natural-looking results. If you’re looking for the best cosmetic chin surgeon in the Houston area, look no further. Dr. Siegel’s extensive experience and his artistic approach to cosmetic surgery will give you the confidence you need to put your best face forward!

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Cosmetic Chin Surgery Procedures


Chin Implants

Chin implant surgery (genioplasty) can balance your facial appearance and eliminate the need for other procedures. Learn more about the procedure and view before and after photos of chin implant surgery.

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Chin Reduction

Chin reduction surgery removes excess bone to help improve the appearance of a chin that protrudes too far.

Why Have Chin Surgery?

A balanced chin and a well-defined jawline are often associated with a greater degree of success and attractiveness. A less-than-perfect chin could negatively affect your personal image or even hinder your chances for greater success in your life and career. Cosmetic chin surgery can correct the following chin imperfections:

  • Double chin
  • Weak or receding chin
  • Dimpled or cleft chin (aka, ‘butt chin’)
  • Loose neck skin

Dr. Siegel helps Houston-area patients transform the appearance of their chins, taking into consideration the unique facial structures of male and female patients as well as patients of different ethnicities. He offers experience guidance to patients in choosing the proper size, shape and material for their chin procedures. The end result is a more attractive and balanced profile, and satisfied patients who feel better about the way they look.  Dr. Siegel’s extensive experience with chin surgery allows for a short procedure, with minimal bruising, swelling, and little to no discomfort. Most patients return to daily activities three to five days after their procedure. Take a look at some of our chin surgery before and after photos to see the results!

If you’re not ready to commit to cosmetic chin surgery, there are non-surgical options you can explore. Let Dr. Siegel help you decide whether surgical chin augmentation or non-surgical chin enhancement is best for you. Schedule your personal consultation today.