Female Rhinoplasty Overview

Female Rhinoplasty is not a specifically different procedure than Rhinoplasty, however, it is helpful to understand the differences between female and male noses.

While each patient should be approached individually, here are certain characteristics that we subconsciously tend to associate with female and male noses, and as such should be incorporated into the surgery plan. What makes a nose appear more feminine?

  • Tip Rotation- More upturned, or more rotated tips, are perceived as female
  • Tip Projection-Shorter noses are more feminine
  • Nose Bridge- straight or slightly curved bridges are preferred
  • Width- Slimmer bridges and more sculpted tips add to a more feminine appearance.

Bear in mind that each of these characteristics should be changed to different degrees depending on each woman, and the ability to do gradual changes will depend on your surgeon.

Before & After Gallery

Changes during a female rhinoplasty should be made in relationship to the rest of the face, and to each woman’s facial features and proportions so the surgeon achieves a balanced result. Read more about our Houston Rhinoplasty.