Journalist, Writer, or Podcaster Covering Plastic Surgery? Interview with Double Board-Certified Houston Facial Surgeon Dr. Michel Siegel

Are you a journalist, blogger, podcaster, video producer, or healthcare professional who is covering facial surgery – and would like the input of an experienced facial surgeon?

If so, you can contact me (Michel Siegel MD in Houston, TX) and I would be glad to contribute to your work if possible.  Whether that is an interview, a soundbite, a quote, or a 2nd opinion on medical advice or a current event, I can draw on 20+ years as a facial surgeon in Houston and from helping thousands of patients.  You may have noticed that I focus on rhinoplasty and facelifts, but can help on just about any aspect of a patient’s face (e.g. eyelids).

In case you are looking for any sort of “angle” or perspective, here are a few points to know about me and about what I might contribute to your piece:

You can contact me and I would be glad to contribute to your coverage, article, video, or other piece on facial surgery.  You can email me at [email protected] or call or text me at 832-265-1935.

Michel Siegel MD