Out-of-Town Patient?

Out-of-Town Patient?

One of your friends or family may have been a patient of ours.  Or maybe you’re staying in Houston for a while and have researched the finest facial surgeons in Texas.  Or perhaps you plan to make a special trip here just to work with the perfect surgeon for the exact look you want to achieve.  However you heard of Dr. Michel Siegel and however long you plan to be in Houston, we’re glad you’re here, and you’ve come to the right place – whether you’re looking for the finest rhinoplastydeep plane facelift, or anything else that can bring out your best looks.

As you’d expect, most of our patients come from right here in the Houston area.  We also see many patients from elsewhere in Texas – from Austin, DFW, San Antonio, South Texas / border towns, El Paso, the Panhandle, and more areas.

But many of our patients come from other states – most often California, New York, and neighboring Louisiana – and from other countries, including the UK, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada.  Patients from far and wide come to Dr. Siegel’s for a surgery that meets their exacting standards

A surgery by Dr. Siegel is comfortable and stress-free on surgery day, does not produce tell-tale signs of plastic surgery, produces minimal swelling and a short recovery time, and continues to look great long-term.  His specialties include all types of effective and attractive rhinoplasty and facelift, including preservation rhinoplastyultrasonic rhinoplastydeep plane facelift – among other facial surgeries. Few other facial surgeons in Texas or even in the US offer the surgeries that Dr. Siegel performs.  The main thing patients remember from the surgery is an easier-than-expected experience.  The face they see in the mirror simply becomes part of looking their best every day.

The drive or plane ride can feel long, but it’s a blink of an eye compared to how long you need to wear certain facial features and live with a certain self-image.  We assume you are thinking long-term about how you’d like to look and feel day-in and day-out.

You can contact our office to discuss your needs and goals and travel-related details.  We think you’ll like Houston, and we know you’ll love your experience here.

A few reviews from patients who found their new look here in Houston

“I am so pleased with my outcome, I look 10 years younger but still like myself! For anyone who lives out of state and is considering traveling to see Dr Siegel – it is so worth it!” – Danell Bailey (see review on Google Maps)

I traveled from Oregon to see Dr Siegel for a rhinoplasty and it was the best decision I could’ve made. Dr Siegel and his team were very friendly and communicative through the whole process. Most importantly, his work is amazing!! I could not dream of a better outcome, the transformation is insane with very little swelling and bruising. If I had a choice to do it again I would choose Dr Siegel each time. Every time I look in the mirror I’m reminded I made the best choice. I HIGHLY recommend! – Kara J. (see review on Google Maps)

“Words can’t describe the amount of gratitude I have for Dr. Siegel and staff. As an out of town patient after researching/consulting many docs for Rhinoplasty in SoCal and Houston I made 1000% the right choice!! Tears of happiness on reveal day. If you want perfection with a natural look (exactly what I wanted; exceeding expectations) …don’t wait or look no further. Dr. Siegel is the one. Book your appointment now!
Superb Service
Staff is friendly
Office is clean and gorgeous
Very thorough
Answers all questions before, day of and after procedure with scheduled follow-ups. They always get back to you right away. He will be honest with you to provide best results. You won’t feel like just another number you can tell he cares about his patients and work. Will forever recommend him!!!” – Nellie Gutierres (see review on Google Maps)

“The best rhinoplasty surgeon in Texas if not the country. I’ve read through hundreds of forums for a good rhinoplasty doctor in the U.S. and also contemplated going to South Korea for my rhinoplasty, but I am so glad that I went with Dr. Siegel. Amazing office staff, thanks to Celeste and Barbara. Super happy with my new nose!” – Khoa Nguyen (see review on Google Maps)

“Dr. Siegel and his staff are top-notch in all ways. From his website, which is detailed and informative, to my initial consultation, which was thorough and put me at ease, to the procedure, which was done seamlessly and professionally, Dr. Siegel was outstanding, and so were his staff and nurses. I waited over three decades to have this procedure, a rhinoplasty with septoplasty. I was reluctant to do this for several personal reasons. But with the passing of time and technological advancement, I knew finding the right surgeon was the only remaining roadblock to a better-looking self. I researched high and low and found Dr. Siegel in Houston, Texas. I traveled from no. California to have this procedure, knowing with solid confidence that Dr. Siegel had the skills, training, and temperament to achieve perfect results. And Dr. Siegel and his staff confirmed my hunches. I am incredibly delighted with my reshaped nose!! Thank you, Dr. Siegel, Celeste, Barbara, and Erin, for your professionalism and good cheer and making this big, middle-aged life decision incredibly satisfying.” – Grace Peña Delgado (see review on Google Maps)

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