Rhinoplasty Reviews

Rhinoplasty Reviews

See Why Patients LOVE Rhinoplasty Specialist

Dr. Michel Siegel

It’s easy to see reviews of Dr. Siegel online, including reviews by his rhinoplasty patients. Just the same, for the sake of convenience, we have rounded up a small sampling of those patients’ reviews that we’d consider representative of their experience with us. You can also see all of the below reviews – and many more patients’ reviews – where they were originally written.

Please realize that these reviews are NOT a guarantee of specific results, or any kind of statement on whether we are the right facial surgery team for you. We simply want to give you a sense of what other patients have enjoyed about Dr. Siegel’s care, how they like their noses and renewed self-image, and what kind of professionalism and care you can expect here.

Also, because photos are worth thousands of words, you can also see before-and-after photos of some of our patients’ rhinoplasties.

If and when you conclude we can help you get the nose that’s right for you, you can call our office at 832-900-4818 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

Stephanie H.

Dr. Siegel is amazing. He is an expert and the best in his field. I could not be happier with my rhinoplasty result. 8 years later I am extreme pleased with my result. I continue to see Dr. Siegel and can only give him the highest of references. Every visit with him is top notch. Thank you Dr. Siegel! (read review on Google Maps)


“Dr. Siegel did such an amazing job on my rhinoplasty. As a young African-American woman, I was initially skeptical about having this procedure done and fearful of what the outcome would be. Dr. Siegel provided me with a surplus of information and was able to show me 3D imaging of what my nose would like after surgery. He adhered to my specifications and was able to give me the exact results I was looking for. I had minimal pain, bruising, and scarring and was able to return to normal activities within one week!!! I would highly recommend Dr. Siegel.” (read review on Google Maps)

Agnes R.

“Could not be happier with the results of my revision rhinoplasty surgery. I am 9 months after surgery. My nose looks fantastic and I my breathing is better than ever. I was treated like family, and Dr Siegel was always patient answering question and guiding me through my recovery process. Highly recommended :)” (read review on Google Maps)

Alina G.

Before selecting a doctor to perform my rhinoplasty, I did several consultations. Dr. Siegel was by far my favorite! His aesthetic was exactly what I was looking for, natural yet perfect. My only regret is that I didn’t go to him sooner. (read review on Google Maps)

Lolita A.

I never really liked the shape of my nose or side profile. Over the years I’ve thought about having rhinoplasty performed but always talked myself out of it; I figured it was the nose that I was born with so I’d just own it. Over the last year however, I began to notice significant facial asymmetry and volume loss, which prompted me to research ways to improve my overall appearance, thus leading me to Dr. Siegel.

After researching, reading reviews and scouring photo galleries of just about every facial plastic surgeon in the Houston area, I decided to schedule a consultation with Dr. Siegel, as well as two additional surgeons. I’m glad that Dr. Siegel was my second consult because I got the chance to compare the approach and thought process of the two providers. Dr. Siegel silently listened as I expressed my concerns and described my goals and expected outcome. He gave his professional opinion of what he thought would best accomplish my goals and enhance my features without trying to sell me on additional procedures, as the previous surgical consultant had. I was so impressed with Dr. Siegel and his wonderful nurse Sheila that I decided to skip my third consultation, and scheduled my surgery for the following month. I can not recommend Dr. Siegel enough. Every encounter from my initial consultation to my post-op appointment was professional and exceeded all of my expectations.

As of today I am 7 days post-op from my rhinoplasty and chin augmentation surgery and can not be happier with my experience. Prior to my surgery I had tear trough and cheek fillers performed. I love the way that Dr. Siegel addressed my facial asymmetry without giving me an overly filled look. I absolutely love my new side profile, and though my nose is still pretty swollen, I have the feeling that I’m going to love it as well!! (read review on Google Maps)

Yana P.

I’m now 12 months post op my rhinoplasty and am so happy I did it ! It looks exactly the way Dr Siegel predicted. My droopy tip is gone and I’m left with a smooth and elegant facial profile . The scar is virtually gone and I can’t believe I finally have a petite and cute nose. If you are considering surgically changing your nose , Dr Siegel is the best surgeon to do this with . He exceeded my expectations. I suggest meeting him for a consultation because you will understand the quality care . He is an artist with the nose and you will not regret it !

I had my rhinoplasty with Dr. Siegel 8 days ago and I am in love with my results. I am a registered nurse and did thorough research on cosmetic nose surgeons in Houston. Dr. Siegel’s patient satisfaction reviews for rhinoplasty were exceptionally above average than other surgeons in the area. The deciding factor for me was the quantity of happy patients and how many reviews specifically mentioned Dr. Siegel’s rhinoplasty. After my initial meeting with him, I knew I could trust him to be my surgeon. He was very polite, professional, and took his time with answering my questions. He was punctual with our appointments and everything ended up working out just as he told me it would. This was the first time I’ve ever had surgery and he exceeded my expectations. The surgery center was wonderful as well, great patient care and everyone was professional and kind. The surgery center even called me twice before my surgery date to make sure I understood my pre op instructions and answered any questions I had. I woke up after surgery feeling no pain, just as Dr. Siegel instructed. Of coarse, the pain gradually increased later in the day but was manageable with pain medication. Please let Dr. Siegel know if the pain medication is not helping, he is very cooperative and safe, and will listen to your concerns. I would like to mention that I am 8 days post op with zero bruising! There is only swelling present, which I expected. I have zero pain now and back at work. I would like to mention Sheila , his coordinator. She is so friendly, knowledgeable, and respectful ! She has been consistently punctual staying in communication with me throughout the entire process! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this surgeon for a rhinoplasty, I trust his expertise and feel that I am safe with him! (read review on Google Maps)

T’arie V.

“Dr. Siegel is the best in Texas. He performed a rhinoplasty and lower blepharoplasty at the same time and the results are amazing. He did exactly what I wanted for my face. I have really thick skin on my nose and Dr. Siegel refined it with a beautiful and natural result. He is very communicative and professional. I would recommend Dr. Siegel to everyone!” (read review on Google Maps)

Kendra O.

“Dr. Siegel is the best! I had a rhinoplasty and septoplasty done a little over a week ago and could not be more pleased with the results. My nose looks very natural and fits my face perfectly. My breathing is also better than it’s ever been. I’m very glad I went with Dr. Siegel I would do it a million times over.” (read review on Google Maps)

Dara L.

“From start to finish, my experience with Dr. Siegel and his receptionist Sheila was 100% the easiest, kindest, productive, simple process. I came to Dr. Siegel looking for a rhinoplasty that maintained the integrity of my face, but soften and perfect some small parts. From the consultation I knew that this was the doctor I wanted and trusted to fix an insecurity I’ve had for 20+ years. Everything is plainly explained, and any hesitations or questions get answered bluntly. I was thoroughly explained what I would go through pre-op/post-op and even during the surgery itself. I am SO happy with my results. My healing process was easy and painless. This is the best decision I’ve ever made, and it’s all because of Dr. Siegel. If you’re considering a rhinoplasty in Houston, you need to go to Dr. Siegel. There is no doubt in my mind he will exceed all of your expectations. Again a huge thank you to Sheila for being so prompt and kind and helpful!” (read review on Google Maps)

Muhammad S.

“After doing my research for years, a close friend recommended Dr. Siegel. I can honestly say from the day of my first consultation to surgery day, DR. Siegel has been very accommodating and answered all my questions about my Rhinoplasty procedure. He is hands down the best. I got my surgery done in may of 2020 and i couldn’t be more happier with my results. His post surgery manners are awesome.” (read review on Google Maps)

Tysheria W.

“I’ve been wanting a rhinoplasty for years. 2 years ago I ended up in a consultation with Dr. Siegel. Being African American i knew it would be very important to choose a doctor that not only does ethnic rhinoplasty, but does it BEAUTIFULLY. 2 years passed and I decided that Dr. Siegel was still the best choice for me. I had my surgery one week ago, and today is the day I got my splint removed. I’m so happy with the results I have and I am amazed at the fact it’ll only get better overtime.” (read review on Google Maps)

Josipa K.

“I have wanted a rhinoplasty for over a decade. I was worried I would not be happy with the results and didn’t want to go through the whole process of people seeing my new nose. I finally made the decision to get it done. Dr. Siegel was great! My rhinoplasty was quite drastic. The before and after pictures were pretty extreme but he did it in such a way that people don’t even notice I had “work” done. It kept the natural look of my face and just softened everything up, exactly how I wanted it. He didn’t use any packing in my nose (I work in anesthesia and see these patients miserable after surgery) so it was not uncomfortable at all. The swelling and bruising was SO minimal I was shocked. Again, seeing other doctors and their work, Dr. siegel outshines them all. I had, maybe, one day where there was a little swelling under one eye which subsided the very next day. My recovery was swift and I hardly had to take any pain medications. After waiting 10 years to get this done, I wish I would have found Dr. Siegel sooner. Extremely happy with my results!” (read review on Google Maps)

Stacey G.

“Revision Rhinoplasty – My experience with Dr Siegel was simply AMAZING! He made me feel so comfortable and assured me that everything I wanted would become a reality! I had to fly back to Australia 9 days after my procedure and I was SO scared of bruising and swelling! I had very little bruising, and minor swelling, but I can finally breathe!! I will see him in 3 months for a follow up. Can’t wait to see the progress!” (read review on Google Maps)

Jackie S.

“Very pleased X 3 times. Dr. Siegel performed rhinoplasty on my third daughter and the results were as usual-Superlative! Unfortunately my girls inherited my husband’s genetics, and they all had Italian noses. We first found Dr. Siegel 5 years ago, when my first daughter turned 18 and was ready for her procedure. We had a first class experience with the care and the results. By the time my second daughter was ready for her surgery we were so sold on Dr Siegel’s skills that we did not even see anyone else. He did an outstanding job on my second daughter as well, so needles to say, this time around was also a no brainer. They all are extremely happy with their new noses, and Dr. Siegel has consistently displayed great bedside manner, on top of his great technical abilities.” (read review on Google Maps)

Kimberly G.

“I had a rhinoplasty with a chin augmentation two months ago with Dr. Siegel and I’m in love with his work. He truly is an artist for the face. He did everything I wanted and passed all my expectations. I had a deviated septum with a dorsal hump on the bridge of my nose, my nose was enlarged with a round bulbous tip that took away from my face. Along with my chin being very receded back. He fixed my breathing and fixed all my imperfections that I was self conscious about. He gave me confidence and a radiant glow. He truly loves his job and wants to meet everyone’s expectations. I waited a few months to write this review in order to give my nose time to heal and see some results. I’ve wanted these procedures for more than 10 years but was always too nervous and I wanted to take my time and research. I finally found the doctor that truly made me happy with my face. Thank you Dr. Siegel. I recommend him to all my family and friends, including you! You won’t regret it.” (read review on Google Maps)

James G.

“Dr. Siegel did a masterpiece. Had rhinoplasty 1 wk ago, and he delivered an excellent result. He addressed all of my concerns and took care of every single imperfection I disliked. Eventhough I still have swelling, my nose looks incredible. After interviewing with multiple surgeons in Houston, it is obvious that I made the right and best decision by choosing Dr. Siegel.” (read review on Google Maps)

Julie B.

“After three botched rhinoplasties I sought out an expert in hopes of having one last surgery to correct my multiple nose problems- this is how I found Dr.Siegel. I am ecstatic with the results of my surgery. He performed a double surgery-a reconstruction surgery for my breathing and a cosmetic one for my appearance. I am ecstatic with my results, and I can finally put this chapter of my life behind me. As a patient I know how hard and confusing can be to find the right doctor, if you are thinking about rhinoplasty, or revision rhinoplasty, Dr. Siegel is the best.” (read review on Google Maps)

April H.

“Dr. Siegel was my only consultation for rhinoplasty. I was impressed with looking at his work online but even more impressed at how professional, knowledgeable, and how he expressed his thoughts of what would work for me. I felt we were on the same page and I felt confident he would be able to give me the look I wanted. I scheduled my procedure the day of my consultation, which was rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. I’m very pleased with my results. I don’t think anyone can perform great natural results on ethnic rhinoplasty, but Dr. Siegel did and I’m so glad I trusted him in doing so! From the consultation to having my procedure and then recovery has been smooth sailing. Sheila that works in the office has been very helpful as well, always been available to answer any questions I’ve had willingly even while I was recovering at home. I’m now 10 days post op and know I’ll love my results even more when swelling goes away, can’t wait!” (read review on Google Maps)

Ullanda B.

“Dr. Siegel and his staff provided great customer service. Dr. Siegel was very thorough with my rhinoplasty. I had no bruising and very little swelling to my face. I am very satisfied with the results even after cast removal. The consultation, procedure, and follow-up process all went smoothly. I would definitely recommend Dr. Siegel for a rhinoplasty procedure.” (read review on Google Maps)

Felicia M.

“Let me preface that I’ve received care from Dr. Siegel back in April 2022. I’ve decided to wait to write for a more comprehensive review and to accommodate the healing process. The office for Dr. Siegel is beautiful, the staff is very friendly and helpful and everything is kept very neat and clean.. While plastic surgery isn’t something that’s always necessary, and I wouldn’t immediately recommend getting work done before working on your own self-esteem first, I’d fully recommend Dr. Siegel if you do decide to take that path.” (read review on Google Maps)

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