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See how our Rhinoplasty patients love their
noses – and how you’ll love yours

Note: Dr. Siegel specializes in preservation and ultrasonic rhinoplasty, both of which produce superior results. He is one of the few surgeons in the US experienced in these types of rhinoplasty.  Find out more.

Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) is the third most commonly performed facial cosmetic procedure. It is a very intimate and highly-personalized procedure, one of the most difficult of all facial plastic surgeries.

Your nose is unique, and so are your needs. You may want an extra-gentle rhinoplasty with a very short recovery time (consider a preservation or ultrasonic rhinoplasty), or you may want a surgeon who has experience with patients of your background, or you may want another surgeon’s work corrected and made to look like your vision. Wherever you are now, we know where you will end up: you’ll love your new nose.

Here are a few videos that capture the mood of our patients on seeing their new look for the first time.

Dr. Siegel is known as one of the finest nose surgeons in Houston (or anywhere, for that matter). For each patient he considers the bone structure, cartilage, skin type, ethnicity, and your vision, in creating balanced aesthetics for a nose structure that will best fit your facial proportions. Getting the nose you have always wanted requires expertise in rhinoplasty, high-level surgical skills, excellent communication skills, and artistry. Nose surgery can complement other facial surgeries, like eyelid surgery, cheek augmentation, or facial liposuction. Dr. Siegel has earned a reputation as a top nose doctor in Houston, through years of experience and the ability to create natural-looking rhinoplasty results that truly enhance your features.

Dr. Siegel is one of very few facial surgeons who offers both preservation rhinoplasty and ultrasonic (Piezo) rhinoplasty. You might consider either of those if a short recovery time and minimal or no pain, bruising or swelling are extra-high priorities for you.

Many surgeons will tell you they’re an “artist.” Dr. Siegel thinks you are the artist, because you have both the vision and the materials. Dr. Siegel is simply here to make sure that you see exactly what you want to see on the canvas. You get to enjoy your masterpiece and feel proud to show it to others.

People travel from across the US and the world for a rhinoplasty by Dr. Siegel, but many are right here in the Houston area. We often see patients from Cypress, Spring, Bellaire, Sugar Land, Fulshear, Humble, Katy, and other nearby communities. We also see many patients from other areas in Texas, including Austin, San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth, Midland, Odessa, to name a few.

Wherever you are, we look forward to helping you achieve your best look. You can contact us today to book a consultation with Dr. Siegel (in-office here in Houston or over Zoom).

Who might want nose surgery – AKA Rhinoplasty or “Nose job”?

All kinds of people, in all kinds of situations, can benefit from a rhinoplasty. Nose surgery can benefit men and women of any ethnicity, from young adults to those in their golden years. You may feel it’s time for a new look, or you may have had an injury or birth defect that affected your nose.

You may have strong feelings on your nose: you may feel your nose is too big, small, pointy, bulbous, flat nose, wide, bumpy, hooked, crooked, or is otherwise not what you’d most like to see in the mirror. You may even have had previous nose surgery that didn’t meet your standards, and you need a revision rhinoplasty now.

Whatever situation has made you decide rhinoplasty is right for you, Dr. Siegel has the experience and the eye to help you achieve the nose and overall look you’ve always wanted.

What kinds of Rhinoplasty do we offer?

Preservation Rhinoplasty

Many people opt for a rhinoplasty to remove a dorsal hump or a “bump.” In this cutting-edge alternative to traditional rhinoplasty, the bone is removed and reshaped deep in the bone structure, in a way that does not disturb the skin and connective tissues on your nose bridge. Typically, the initial swelling is not as severe or long‑lasting, and the overall recovery time is shorter.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Dr. Siegel’s experience in working with patients of all ethnic backgrounds is what allows him to help you achieve the look you want. Techniques that work well for a Caucasian patient’s nose may be ineffective when working with a patient of Middle Eastern, African American, Latino, or Asian descent.

See before-and-after photos of ethnic rhinoplasties.

Rhinoplasty for Women

Women who opt for a rhinoplasty often end up wanting to add or enhance certain characteristics: you may want a nose that is somewhat more upturned and shorter, or a nose with a straighter or slightly curved bridge, or a slimmer bridge, or a more-sculpted tip. Dr. Siegel can help you balance “classically feminine” nose characteristics with your unique vision and features.

See before-and-after photos of rhinoplasties for women.

Rhinoplasty for Men

Rather than creating a very sculptured look, men’s rhinoplasty tends to add strength and balance to the man’s other appealing facial features. Traits commonly associated with masculine noses include straighter and somewhat wider tips, somewhat longer projection (i.e. a longer nose), straight or slightly fuller bridges.

See before-and-after photos of rhinoplasties for men.

Rhinoplasty for Teenagers

Choosing the right nose surgeon is especially crucial to a successful rhinoplasty for a teenager. With the extra importance of self-image and confidence to a young person, and the fact that he or she will have many more years to live with the “wrong” nose or with a perfect‑looking nose, and it’s even more important to identify a rhinoplasty surgeon with vast experience in working with teenagers.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Whether your original rhinoplasty was botched, or it was well‑executed but still requires adjustments, Dr. Siegel can revise your rhinoplasty to deliver the results you want.

See before-and-after photos of revision rhinoplasties.

Transgender Rhinoplasty

For many people, transitioning involves redefining one’s face. Getting the nose you want is crucial to that. Dr. Siegel has performed rhinoplasties for trans patients before, and understands which details may require special attention.

Ultrasonic (Piezo) Rhinoplasty

An ultrasonic (or Piezo/Piezoelectric) rhinoplasty is a newer way to perform a nose surgery with even more precision and gentleness. This technique allows Dr. Siegel to reshape certain bones in the nose without the need to cut or break.

What our Rhinoplasty patients say

Tysheria W.

I’ve been wanting a rhinoplasty for years. 2 years ago I ended up in a consultation with Dr. Siegel. Being African American I knew it would be very important to choose a doctor that not only does ethnic rhinoplasty, but does it beautifully. 2 years passed and I decided that Dr. Siegel was still the best choice for me. I had my surgery one week ago, and today is the day I got my splint removed. I’m so happy with the results I have and I am amazed at the fact it’ll only get better overtime.

Ed B.

I avoided nose surgery because I was afraid of the recovery, but after getting tired of not being able to breath from a deviated septum and a broken nose in the past, I decided to finally get my nose fixed. I had some concerns about the shape of my nose so Dr Siegel also fixed my bridge and tip. Happy to report that not only the surgery was a great success and I can breath, but it was painless. I had almost no bruising, or pain. My nose looks and feels awesome just after 3 weeks of surgery.

T’arie V.

Dr. Siegel is the best in Texas. He performed a rhinoplasty and lower blepharoplasty at the same time and the results are amazing. He did exactly what I wanted for my face. I have really thick skin on my nose and Dr. Siegel refined it with a beautiful and natural result. He is very communicative and professional. I would recommend Dr. Siegel to everyone!

Dara L.

From start to finish, my experience with Dr. Siegel and his receptionist Sheila was 100% the easiest, kindest, productive, simple process. I came to Dr. Siegel looking for a rhinoplasty that maintained the integrity of my face, but soften and perfect some small parts. From the consultation I knew that this was the doctor I wanted and trusted to fix an insecurity I’ve had for over 20 years.

Rhinoplasty before and after in pictures

Female rhinoplasty before and after
Male rhinoplasty before and after
Female rhinoplasty before and after

Why choose Houston’s Dr. Siegel as your Rhinoplasty surgeon?

To achieve superb rhinoplasty results, Dr. Siegel needs to identify and accommodate the intricacies of your unique nose. This is an exceptional skill that a less experienced rhinoplasty surgeon – or a surgeon who doesn’t specialize in facial surgery – may not be able to perform.

Dr. Siegel is often called upon to perform revision rhinoplasty, to repair botched nose surgery. Many patients conclude they want their noses reshaped by a true specialist and artist in facial plastic surgery. When the nose structure is not correctly supported in altering shape, size, and projection, the nose structure can collapse over time. You can be confident that your rhinoplasty will be performed correctly, and that the customized shape and size will be balanced and a true enhancement to your other features.

What is the Rhinoplasty process?

If you are considering nose surgery, it is important that you understand every aspect of the process. It involves several steps:

1. Consultation

Rhinoplasty should not be a one‑size‑fits‑all procedure. We do not limit the time needed for your consultation, so you can spend as much time as is needed with Dr. Siegel to get the full picture of what you want to achieve through your rhinoplasty. Dr. Siegel will create a 3D before-and-after image for you with our VECTRA digital imaging system, unlike most surgeons who use traditional photos. That better visualization helps ensure that we understand and meet your goals and expectations.

2. Preparing for Nose Surgery

As with any surgical procedure, you will be provided with pre‑op and post‑op instructions. Those instructions include that you hydrate well, avoid medicines that may interact with anesthesia, and avoid smoking. Since each surgery from Dr. Siegel is customized, you’ll be given detailed instructions beforehand to make sure your recovery is smooth and fast.

3. Surgery Day

Each nose surgery or other facial surgery performed by Dr. Siegel will be in a safe and accredited facility, with the procedure tailored to enhance the facial appearance of each of your unique facial features. There is no standard procedure length, as the alterations to perform will be based upon your personal aesthetic goals and on the complexity of the surgery.

Unlike many surgeons who operate with an “assembly line” approach to nose reshaping surgeries, Dr. Siegel does not rush through any procedure for time considerations. Nose surgery requires expertise, an understanding of the intricacies of nose anatomy, as well as total focus, artistry, and advanced surgical techniques. The surgery will require several hours, while you are under anesthesia.

4. Recovering after your Rhinoplasty

Recovering after your rhinoplasty by Dr. Siegel is much easier than you may expect. Dr. Siegel’s years of experience and advanced training exclusively with rhinoplasty surgery allows him to handle the procedure masterfully and leave you with the least amount of injury and swelling possible.

The traditional recovery you see online and on social media with black eyes and tons of gauze is nonexistent with Dr. Siegel. There is no need for packing with gauze to stop bleeding. Dr. Siegel handles the nose tissue with meticulous care, making only a single incision on the outer skin, hidden beneath the nose structure, which will become imperceptible just weeks afterward. Instead, a small splint that covers the bridge of the nose will be used for roughly five days, and in five to seven days you’ll be back to work with little or no sign of surgery.

Frequently asked questions about nose reshaping surgery


What are the most common reasons people get nose surgery?


People opt for a rhinoplasty for many different reasons, but the concerns we see the most include:

  • A bump on the bridge of the nose
  • Medical issues from a broken nose
  • Noses with a bulbous tip
  • Noses with a pinched tip
  • Noses that droop
  • Uneven nose structure
  • Overlarge, wide, or long nostrils
  • Nose too flat or wide
  • Unhappiness with overall size

Whether you have one major concern, or want to address several issues at once, Dr. Siegel will come up with a comprehensive, customized surgical plan to reshape and improve your nose structure and achieve balance, harmony, and enhance your other features.


Will a nose job change my voice?


Unless extreme structural changes are being made (such as a major septoplasty from an injury), your voice will likely remain unchanged. However, because the tone depends on your air passages in your mouth and nose, alterations to your nasal cavities or nostrils can potentially slightly alter your voice. This will always vary from patient to patient, so consult with Dr. Siegel for a more accurate answer for your particular case.


How long do Rhinoplasty results last?


When a rhinoplasty is performed correctly, the balance between cosmetic changes and structural support is maintained, the results should last a lifetime. Any changes made to your bone or cartilage are for the long term. Alterations to your nose structure during a rhinoplasty will not change any more than the rest of your natural features as you age. Your newly-shaped nose should last a lifetime – ensure you have your procedure performed correctly, the first time, to avoid the need for revision surgery in the future.


Will cosmetic nose surgery help with snoring?


Snoring is typically associated with a problem with the inner nose structure. If you have a deviated septum, this could be an underlying reason for chronic snoring. This functional problem can be corrected during your cosmetic surgery. In some cases, health insurance companies will pay for some portion of the surgery if breathing issues are considered to be a health problem.

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