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Your Best Choice for Nose Surgery in Houston, TX

All nose jobs are not created equal. The outcome of your nose job is largely dependent on two factors:

  • The unique structure of your nose, and
  • The doctor that you choose to perform your rhinoplasty.

All noses have the same basic anatomic composition – skin, cartilage and bone. However, nose shape, proportions and skin thickness vary among individuals. These variations make each nose unique.

While most plastic surgeons can perform a rhinoplasty, it not only takes a surgeon with experience, but also one that can tailor the surgical approach to successfully enhance each person’s unique features.

If you are considering having cosmetic or reconstructive rhinoplasty in Houston, schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Siegel. Get your questions about nose surgery answered, learn what makes Dr. Siegel unique, and discover why he is known as the nose doctor in Houston.

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