Chin Surgery

Chin Surgery

by Premier Houston Chin Surgeon Dr. Michel Siegel

Mentoplasty (chin surgery) can help you achieve a more defined jawline, reduce the size of an obtrusively large chin, or even involve implants (genioplasty) that can fix a recessed chin and help balance out your overall facial structure. Research shows that people with balanced chins are perceived as stronger, more confident, and smarter than average.

Chin Surgery Overview

Your chin is a major factor in how the other elements of your face are proportioned as well as how others perceive you—which is why you need to go to a skilled professional who fully understands human facial aesthetics and can create balanced-looking results suitable to your unique face. There is no standard approach to chin surgery, only what balances out your own facial structure. This is why Dr. Siegel’s keen eye for aesthetic and design are invaluable when it comes to his approach to patients undergoing cosmetic chin surgery.

1. Consultation

Understanding your individual concerns and which procedure or approach is best for you are the main objectives in your consultation with Dr. Siegel. The appointment should last as long as necessary to ensure that your goals for chin surgery have been fully addressed, and for you to feel confident and comfortable going forward. Dr. Siegel creates a before and after of your chin surgery using 3D computer imaging during your consult, to ensure that everything you’ve communicated is understood and reinforced visually before moving forward.

2. Preparation

Getting the most successful outcome is contingent not only upon the actual chin surgery, but on preparation and recovery as well. Depending on your specific surgical procedure—whether it’s chin reduction, implants, or correcting a cleft chin—you’ll be given detailed pre and post-op instructions to ensure the best possible final results and overall look for your new chin.

3. Procedure

Each chin procedure is done at Dr. Siegel’s Houston cosmetic surgery practice. Because each surgery is unique, the procedure length will vary from patient to patient. Many plastic surgeons will complete a chin surgery using the same approach without accounting for individual anatomical differences in each patient. Dr. Siegel makes sure each surgery is personally tailored to the patient’s facial structure by incorporating specific procedures to achieve each patient’s personal goals. The chin surgery can only be considered complete when Dr. Siegel is sure every detail of the surgery has been fully completed and carried to its full potential.

4. Recovery

Operating exclusively in facial plastic surgery for years allows Dr. Siegel to complete each procedure with the highest level of skill and precision. His patients often find that their recovery is much easier than expected. Dr. Siegel adeptly handles all types of facial tissue (even those in chin implants) with utmost competence and finesse- resulting in less swelling, bruising, and a shorter recovery time. Many patients are able to return to work after 3-5 days with no sign of surgery.

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