Teen Rhinoplasty

Teen rhinoplasty is a specialized type of rhinoplasty that is designed specifically for teenagers.

Choosing the right nose surgeon is especially crucial to a successful rhinoplasty for a teenager.  The rhinoplasty is a demanding procedure (for the surgeon) to begin with.  Add to that the extra importance of self-image and confidence to a young person, and the fact that he or she will have many more years to live with the “wrong” nose or with a perfect-looking nose, and it’s even more important to identify a rhinoplasty surgeon with experience in working with teenagers.

Note: Dr. Siegel specializes in preservation and ultrasonic rhinoplasty, both of which produce superior results. He is one of the few surgeons in the US experienced in these types of rhinoplasty.  Find out more.

Houston’s Dr. Michel Siegel is one of the few surgeons in Houston and the US who specializes exclusively in nose and facial surgery.  He also has significant experience with patients of all ethnic backgrounds, which matters if the goal is to attain a nose that looks just right on a unique person’s unique face, alongside other unique features.

He is also one of the relatively few nose surgeons experienced in both ultrasonic (AKA piezo) rhinoplasty and preservation rhinoplasty techniques, both of which can produce long-lasting results with less disruption, swelling, and bruising, and with a shorter recovery time.

Dr. Siegel’s decades of experience in nose surgery, combined with his aesthetic sense of balance, always shine through in a patient’s results. The results should not only be natural, but timeless.  The nose should fit one’s face not only during the teenage years, but should also blend in with and develop alongside other facial features as a patient transitions from the teenage years to adulthood.

Dr. Siegel’s techniques afford the shortest-possible recovery, with no packing inside the nose (alleviating the pain associated with typical nose surgery), and minimal bruising due to his specialized technique.

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“Very pleased X 3 times. Dr. Siegel performed rhinoplasty on my third daughter and the results were as usual-Superlative! Unfortunately my girls inherited my husband’s genetics, and they all had Italian noses. We first found Dr. Siegel 5 years ago, when my first daughter turned 18 and was ready for her procedure. We had a first class experience with the care and the results. By the time my second daughter was ready for her surgery we were so sold on Dr Siegel’s skills that we did not even see anyone else. He did an outstanding job on my second daughter as well, so needles to say, this time around was also a no brainer. They all are extremely happy with their new noses, and Dr. Siegel has consistently displayed great bedside manner, on top of his great technical abilities.” – Jackie S. (read review on Google Maps)”

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