Neck Lift Houston

Neck Lift Houston

One of the most youthful features a person can have is a sculpted, toned neck and jawline area. In contrast, a sagging jaw or double chin can make a person look much older than they are. Whether due to normal aging, genetics, or other factors, a number of problems can affect the neck, chin, and jawline, negatively impacting your look.

Neck Rejuvenation fora Refreshed, Youthful Look

If you have a “turkey wattle” beneath your neck, visible muscle bands on your neck, a double chin from fat and skin collecting on and beneath your jawline, or jowls, a neck lift could be an excellent option for you. As a seasoned, skilled, and double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon for neck lifts in Houston, Dr. Michel Siegel has developed a reputation for achieving beautiful, natural-looking results. If you’re interested in smoothing and tightening your neck and jaw area for a rejuvenated look, look no further.

Preparation for a Neck Lift

Since each Houston neck lift procedure is entirely personalized to your particular needs and preferences, your pre- and post-operative instructions are unique to your exact situation. Of course, some precautions will likely remain the same for most patients. For example, it’s important that you stay as hydrated as possible and avoid medications that could interact with anesthesia.

Prior to your cosmetic neck surgery, Dr. Siegel and his team will give you a list of detailed instructions for you to follow. These will cover everything you need to do from a week before your procedure all the way through to the end of your recovery. Following these guidelines will help you remain healthy and help you achieve optimal results from your Houston neck lift.

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Neck lifts in Houston
Neck lift before and after
Neck lift before and after

The Neck Lift Procedure –What is It?

On the day of your neck lift surgery, you’ll come early to our Houston cosmetic surgery office. Focusing his expertise facial plastic surgery, Dr. Siegel is well-versed in the most advanced neck lift methods. By employing techniques that will best treat your individual neck structure, the chosen technique will result in a refreshed and natural appearance.

Advanced Surgical Techniques for a Natural Look

This experience able means you avoid any of the typical evidence associated with traditional neck lift surgeries that look unnatural such as: visible scars, distortion of the tragus (the cartilage in front of the ear), and/or shortening or elevating of the sideburns.

Most patients will be under twilight sedation for a neck lift procedure, which is a light sedation technique that allows for a more comfortable and faster recovery, and without the side effects and longer recovery time associated with general anesthesia.

Custom Neck Lift Surgery in Houston

Depending upon your individual condition, Dr. Siegel may subtly modify your neck muscles, underlying tissues, and skin to effectively create a smooth, refreshed look. He will also remove excess skin and fat as needed. Dr. Siegel may combine this procedure with neck liposuction or a face lift to enhance the results of a custom neck lift.


Most of our patients find that healing from their Houston neck lift is much easier and faster than they had expected, when compared to traditional, more invasive surgical techniques. Since Dr. Siegelfacial plastic surgery, he has a greater depth of experience and expertise performing these procedures.

This allows him to contour your neck with minimal inflammation and bruising, resulting in a shorter recovery time. Most patients can return to work five to seven days after a neck lift procedure with little to no sign of surgery.

Frequently asked questions about neck lift


What Can A Neck Lift Help With?


A neck lift can improve the following aesthetic issues:

  • Neck wrinkles and creases associated with sagging skin.
  • A “turkey wattle” from below the face onto neck, in which one or more pockets of loose skin develop as the neck tissue loses elasticity due to aging.
  • Jowls, or lack of definition below the jawline, which leave your face looking older.
  • Visible vertical muscle bands on the neck, which create a strained, older appearance.
  • A double chin, which can be tightened by combining neck liposuction with neck lift techniques to address both the fat and the sagging skin.

These are just some of the aesthetic imperfections a neck lift can remedy. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your neck, we encourage you to contact Dr. Siegel and schedule a consultation to see if a neck lift may be right for you.


How Do I Know If I Need a Neck Lift or a Facelift?


Many patients are confused about which of these procedures will achieve facial rejuvenation. While a neck lift addresses neck tissue, directly at and below the jaw, a facelift creates a more defined jawline by smoothing and tightening the facial tissue above the jaw, such as jowls. If you are primarily concerned about facial wrinkles and sagging, a facelift would be the right procedure for you.

If you want to address drooping and lack of definition at the jawline, visible vertical muscle bands on the neck, a double chin, or a turkey wattle, you would most likely benefit from a neck lift. A face lift and a neck lift are distinct procedures, but very complementary.


Can a Neck Lift and Facelift be Combined?


Dr. Siegel can perform these surgeries in a single surgical appointment, combining them to create a contoured, smooth, youthful appearance from face to neck. At your initial consultation, Dr. Siegel can help you decide which of these procedures is right for you and may advise you to undergo both to achieve a more comprehensive degree of facial rejuvenation.


What is the Cost of a Neck Lift in Houston?


The cost of a neck lift with Dr. Siegel varies, but typically ranges between $8,000 to $10,000.


How Long Will My Neck Lift Last?

The aging process is different for each individual and depends on various factors, including your current lifestyle, genetics, nutrition, and your skincare regimen. These (and other factors) will affect how quickly your face and neck show the signs of age, and how your you will respond to and maintain the results of a neck lift. Although there is no single estimate, a properly executed neck lift by our experienced double Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon can produce results that last up to 10 years or longer.


How Can I Maintain the Results of a Neck Lift?


You can help maintain a more youthful neck appearance by having a healthy lifestyle and seeing Dr. Siegel for follow-up appointments as needed. Dr. Siegel can give you more information about your anticipated outcomes in aa private consultation about face and neck rejuvenation.


Where Will the Scars Be?


After rhinoplasty with Dr. Siegel, once healed, the tiny surgical scar will be virtually invisible. Two approaches may be employed in surgery, based upon the extent of the needed reshaping:

  • Open Rhinoplasty: A tiny incision is made at the base of the columella, the thin strip of skin and tissue between the nostrils. This incision, once healed, will not be visible.
  • Closed Rhinoplasty: For some less extensive nose surgeries, the incisions can be made from within the nostrils, with no visible scars.

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