Transgender Rhinoplasty

Gender-transitioning is a personal and unique journey.  One’s personality, experiences, body, health, and self-image all factor into it.  All of those things also influence the face one has and the face one wants.

For many people, transitioning involves redefining one’s face.  Getting the nose you want is crucial to that, which is where nose surgery – rhinoplasty – comes in.

If you are considering facial modifications as part of your gender identity, look no further than the experience, expertise, and artistry of Houston rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Michel Siegel.  He is known in Houston and far beyond as one of the finest nose surgeons, one who helps patients achieve a look that’s just right for them.

Dr. Siegel has performed rhinoplasties for trans patients before, and understands that some of the details may differ, but the fundamentals of a successful nose surgery are the same.  Dr. Siegel is known for being able to modify the nose to match each patient’s needs and individual anatomy, to produce results that are beautiful and natural-looking, without any of the telltale signs of surgery (like thin noses, noses that look too small, or nostrils that appear too large). 

His long track record of successful rhinoplasties for cisgendered women and men, for people of all ethnic backgrounds, and for people of all ages, has helped his trans rhinoplasty patients achieve their desired look.

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Note: Dr. Siegel specializes in preservation and ultrasonic rhinoplasty, both of which produce superior results. He is one of the few surgeons in the US experienced in these types of rhinoplasty.  Find out more.

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