Turkish Rhinoplasty

(in Texas)

“Turkish rhinoplasty” is a thing – a distinct and increasingly popular one.  Usually performed by a rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey, this kind of rhinoplasty typically uses a specific surgical technique (preservation rhinoplasty) and often is used to achieve a specific type of nose (the “Barbie” nose).

From what we’ve seen, most patients like their results, partly because the nose surgeons in Turkey generally are very good.  Turkey’s status as a facial-surgery destination is well-deserved.  Even so, Dr. Michel Siegel in Houston can give you the same nose-surgery results you hope to find in Turkey, and by using the same surgical techniques (partly because he has trained in Turkey).  Though traveling to Turkey may be an option for you and maybe on your “bucket list,” you don’t need to go that far to get the perfect nose for your face and personality.  You can contact our office in Houston to schedule a consultation, or read on to find out more.

Note: Dr. Siegel specializes in preservation and ultrasonic rhinoplasty, both of which produce superior results. He is one of the few surgeons in the US experienced in these types of rhinoplasty.  Find out more.

Why do people travel to Turkey for nose surgery?

Plastic surgery in general – and facial surgery in particular – is more popular in some countries than in others.  Places where it’s especially popular include South Korea, Brazil, and (of course) Turkey.  Because of its geographic location, its proximity to many European countries and its lower costs of living relative to the US and Europe, plastic surgery in general is more affordable in Turkey than in the US and Europe.  Many patients who travel abroad to get surgery also combine their procedure with a vacation – in what’s known as medical tourism.

Turkey is a medical tourism destination, especially for nose surgery.  Here are the main reasons Turkish rhinoplasty is popular:

1. Many of the techniques in preservation rhinoplasty were developed by Turkish rhinoplasty surgeons. This technique involves reshaping the hump (bone and cartilage) of the nose from under the surface of the bone, rather than from the top of the nose.  Working under the surface spares the skin and connective tissues from handling, which means less swelling and bruising.

2. International patients undergoing rhinoplasty in Turkey often have a different sense of aesthetics from American patients’. They are looking for a smaller nose with a curved bridge and a more defined tip – what has become synonymous with a “Barbie nose”.  Because of that, Turkish surgeons have more experience with creating this nose shape.  However, this trend has become much more sought-after by American patients in recent years.  In our practice many patients who contact us request a “Turkish” and/or “Barbie nose,” thinking those are synonymous (although they’re not).

3. The belief that the “Turkish nose job,” AKA “Barbie nose,” is only available in Turkey.  (Which is not the case-anymore.)

4. Less total cost, in some cases, even counting airfare and lodging.  Most goods and services are just less expensive in Turkey, including plastic surgery. However, as Turkey has become the largest destination for international patients seeking plastic surgery, in the last several years the cost of a reputable rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey hasincreased to become comparable to that of most US-based surgeons.

5. A personal recommendation from a friend or family member about a good surgeon in Turkey and good results from nose surgery.

6. Combining the nose surgery in Turkey with a vacation, because it’s a scenic and fascinating place, with rich history, culture, food, and wonderful people.

7. Taking care of the aftercare far away from home, in case patients want to keep their nose surgery under wraps for a while.  If you’re around town while temporarily bandaged up and letting your body heal, you may run into people you know – and you may not want that, for any number of reasons.  Meanwhile, in Turkey it’s a common sight.  Not only won’t you run into anyone you know, but you will also see multiple people out and about with splints on their noses.

8. In many cases the nose surgery can be done sooner than if it was performed in the US.  (That’s for a variety of reasons, ranging from good to not so good.)

9. Some surgeons in Turkey are willing to operate on people who might not be eligible for operation in the US.

You can a Turkish rhinoplasty right here

Houston is a grand city, and we love living here, but it’s hard to compete with the hot air balloons of Cappadocia and the minarets of ancient Constantinople.  But if the travel / sightseeing / vacation component is only a small part of why you’re considering going to Turkey, and if your primary concern is getting the right nose surgeon and the right nose, we have you covered.  Consider instead the much shorter trip to San Felipe St. in Houston.  Dr. Michel Siegel can give you the nose surgery you’ve considered flying to Turkey for, for 6 simple reasons:

1. You can get a preservation rhinoplasty here, and done by a surgeon with more experience in it.  Dr. Siegel was an early adopter of preservation rhinoplasty the same surgical techniques that many Turkish facial surgeons use, and has been performing it for years, whereas most facial surgeons either do not offer it or are new to it.

2. You can get a “Barbie nose” here – one that looks right.  Again, Dr. Siegel often gets patients who request this very specific and refined look, which is the same one many patients travel to Turkey for.

3. Dr. Siegel has trained with the top preservation rhinoplasty specialist in Turkey, Europe, and the US (as recently as in 2022), as part of his continuing education and adding the best new surgical techniques to his repertoire.

4. You don’t need to travel nearly as far for the nose surgery, especially if you live here in the Lone Star.

5. Dr. Siegel is closer by and easier to reach for any other reason, too.  To the extent you want or need follow-ups, may want additional facial procedures done in the future, or just want your surgeon to be closer at hand, you don’t need to fly all the way to Turkey again.

6. It’s easy to research Dr. Siegel and to find out what patients say.  Many surgeons outside of the US don’t have many reviews on which you can base your decision.  Some surgeons in Turkey may also have glowing reviews – but most of them are written in Turkish.

Plus there’s no language barrier, no US Customs to deal with, and no being subject to the laws of a faraway land.  Those are issues just about anywhere you’d go.

Even if you do need to travel from out-of-state to get here, we do what we can to make it easy to travel.

In other words, we’re a much simpler alternative to getting a rhinoplasty in Turkey.  At our Houston office you can get at least the same surgical results you’d get in Turkey – and most likely even better – but with less travel, planning, and effort, possibly with lower costs overall, and definitely with fewer unpredictable twists and turns.  It’s much easier to know exactly what you’re in for with Dr. Siegel.  Contact our office to schedule a consultation today.

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