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Dr. Siegel is the first and only rhinoplasty specialist in Houston offering Preservation & Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty 

Dr. Michel Siegel

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If you want or need a look that’s more “you,” choosing the right facial surgeon matters above all else. Though revisions are usually an option, you want a surgeon who will achieve your best look on the first try. That’s why you feel you need to pick the best surgeon on your first try.

That’s where double-board-certified Houston facial plastic surgeon Dr. Michel Siegel comes in. Recognized by other surgeons and loved by patients for his rhinoplasty and facelift work in particular, Dr. Siegel focuses on one thing: conservative, gentle facial surgery that looks natural and refreshed and that maintains your natural glow for many years.

Some doctors take a quick-fix approach that starts drooping after a couple of years. With his ability to work deep in the tissue rather than “pull skin,” his in‑depth consultations with patients and 3D‑imaging previews, and his tendency to measure 17 times and cut once, Dr. Siegel will take pains to meet your goals once and for all. That is why patients from all over greater Houston, across Texas, and (sometimes) throughout the US come to Dr. Siegel and his team for the nose or face they want to see in the mirror, in photographs, and in the eyes of the others.

Dr. Siegel’s purpose is to bring out a look that meets your standards, not just his. Many surgeons get carried away with thinking of themselves as “artists” and trying aesthetic experiments that may or may not work out to your liking. To Dr. Siegel, YOU are the artist, because you have the picture in mind and the materials to compose it. As a surgeon, Dr. Siegel’s job is to execute on your vision (and offer feedback when helpful), so that you see exactly what you want to see on your canvas. You get to enjoy your masterpiece and feel proud to show it to others.

You can browse the full list of procedures we offer (see the menu at the top of the page), but a few surgeries that are especially popular with our patients right now include: Preservation Rhinoplasty, Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty, Nostril Shape Surgery, Revision Rhinoplasty, Deep Plane Facelift, and Revision Facelift.

When you have found out all you need to, you can schedule an in-person consultation or virtual (Zoom) consultation with Dr. Siegel to get started.

Explore our signature procedures

Rhinoplasty before and after


Rhinoplasty (nose surgery, sometimes called a “nose job”) is the third most commonly performed facial cosmetic procedure.

We perform preservation rhinoplasty, ultrasonic (Piezo) rhinoplasty, rhinoplasty for women, rhinoplasty for men, rhinoplasty for transgender people, ethnic rhinoplasty (including Asian rhinoplasty), rhinoplasty for teenagers, revision rhinoplasty, and septoplasty.


You may want to treat the signs of aging skin or wish to subtly enhance your features to create a more attractive balance and harmony.

Dr. Siegel is a leading facial plastic surgeon for custom facelifts, including deep plane facelifts, ponytail facelifts, temporal facelifts (AKA brow lifts), mini facelifts, neck lifts, lower facelifts, and facelifts for men, anti‑aging facial pre‑rejuvenation, and other facial enhancements.

Facelift Before and After
Eyelid surgery patient, before and after eyelid surgery by Houston facial surgeon Dr. Michel Siegel


Tired of droopy, saggy eyelids, but want to be confident that your surgery results will look natural? Find out about custom eyelid surgery that will leave you looking refreshed and youthful.

Chin surgery patient, before and after chin surgery by Houston facial surgeon Dr. Michel Siegel


You don’t have to live with a receding chin, double chin, or over-projecting chin. A customized chin surgery can dramatically improve your profile, and your self-esteem.

Otoplasty (ear surgery) patient, before and after ear surgery by Houston facial surgeon Dr. Michel Siegel

Other Procedures

Beautifully shaped, flat ears can be achieved with the help of the leading facial plastic surgeon in Houston, Dr. Michel Siegel.

Hundreds of Happy Patients

Stephanie H.

Dr. Siegel is amazing. He is an expert and the best in his field. I could not be happier with my rhinoplasty result.

Yana P.

I’m now 12 months post op my rhinoplasty and am so happy I did it! It looks exactly the way Dr Siegel predicted.

Alina G.

Before selecting a doctor to perform my rhinoplasty, I did several consultations. Dr. Siegel was by far my favorite!
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