Reading what actual patients say about the results of their facial plastic surgery is one of the best ways to measure a surgeon’s success. The glowing compliments and expressions of gratitude that patients have for Dr. Michel Siegel, a facial plastic surgery specialist in Houston, are a testament to his skill and experience, as well as that of his entire team.

You can read some of the testimonials below and determine whether we sound like a good fit. Then you can request a consultation online or call our office at 832-900-4818 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Siegel.

(By the way, in case you are considering nose surgery, we have a whole separate page just of rhinoplasty patients’ reviews.)

Jennifer G.

Came in to get a liquid rhinoplasty and it turned out great, better than I could have hoped for.

Maria A.

My rhinoplasty is beyond my expectations. I got the nose of my dreams and I can breathe so much better. If you are looking for a rhinoplasty, I highly recommend Dr. Siegel who is a perfectionist, an artist in plastic surgery and a top Medical Doctor.


If you’re looking to get a rhinoplasty, Dr.Siegel is your guy! I did a ton of research before finally deciding to go with him, and I am very glad I did! He is incredibly nice, and made me feel 100% confident in my surgery. I was pretty nervous the day of, but Dr. Siegel and his entire team were so great. They had me laughing the entire time. Once I was out of surgery, everyone kept commenting on how little I was bruising. I was able to return to work next week, and am already so happy with the results. He really understood what I wanted, and helped me get the nose I’ve always dreamed of! Thank you so much!

Louisa B.

Had rhinoplasty done, as I’ve been insecure for years with my sharp and bumpy nose. I spent a good amount of time researching every surgeon in the area and found that his style was what I preferred most. He doesn’t change your nose with some point upturned tip— he enhances and improves your looks with the features you have. I had surgery last Tuesday and can say that this surgery was entirely worth it. I feel so much more like myself, and the results look so natural. I’ll be getting stitches out at the office this Friday and I can’t wait!

Lolita A.

I have been a patient of Dr. Siegel for 13 years! I would not go to another doctor for cosmetic procedures. He is an amazing doctor that always does a beautiful job with my procedures. I like that he is proficient, personable and never pushes a procedure he truly does not believe you need or would be beneficial for you. I highly recommend Dr. Siegel for all cosmetic needs. He only practices in areas from the neck up and is double board certified in these areas. He is great!

Nathaly P.

I had my rhinoplasty and septum fixed with Dr. Siegel a week ago and I must say he is an artist! He knows exactly what he is doing and I had no doubt in my mind that I was going to choose him for my procedure from the 1st consult I had with him. Everything was explained and my questions were All answered! It was such a smooth and painless process Thanks to him and his receptionist Sheila, I couldn’t be happier. I would recommend him 100%!

Andrea V.

The best experience! I was very nervous about having my first surgery but Dr. Siegel was very informative, answered any questions I had; and made me feel safe and comfortable.

Carolina M.

The only place I go now for my lips, after trying a couple of other places I never got the results I wanted. Dr. Siegel is an artist! My lips look so natural and he is definitely a “less is more” kind of doctor which I appreciate. The office is relaxin and the staff is so warm and welcoming!

Beth C.

Had septoplasty & rhinoplasty with Dr Siegel & excellent results.

Laney M.

Dr. Siegel did an amazing job on my non-surgical nose job! I should have done this sooner. So very appreciative!

Yana P.

I had my rhinoplasty with Dr. Siegel 8 days ago and I am in love with my results. I am a registered nurse and did thorough research on cosmetic nose surgeons in Houston. Dr. Siegel’s patient satisfaction reviews for rhinoplasty were exceptionally above average than other surgeons in the area. The deciding factor for me was the quantity of happy patients and how many reviews specifically mentioned Dr. Siegel’s rhinoplasty. After my initial meeting with him, I knew I could trust him to be my surgeon. He was very polite, professional, and took his time with answering my questions. He was punctual with our appointments and everything ended up working out just as he told me it would. This was the first time I’ve ever had surgery and he exceeded my expectations. The surgery center was wonderful as well, great patient care and everyone was professional and kind. The surgery center even called me twice before my surgery date to make sure I understood my pre op instructions and answered any questions I had. I woke up after surgery feeling no pain, just as Dr. Siegel instructed. Of course, the pain gradually increased later in the day but was manageable with pain medication. Please let Dr. Siegel know if the pain medication is not helping, he is very cooperative and safe, and will listen to your concerns. I would like to mention that I am 8 days post op with zero bruising! There is only swelling present, which I expected. I have zero pain now and back at work. I would like to mention Sheila , his coordinator. She is so friendly, knowledgeable, and respectful ! She has been consistently punctual staying in communication with me throughout the entire process! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this surgeon for a rhinoplasty, I trust his expertise and feel that I am safe with him!

Jamie A.

Excellent, excellent surgeon. After a bad rhinoplasty, I got a REALLY bad revision. I desperately needed another revision! I was considering two other surgeons in the area, but after talking on the phone with all three offices, I decided to make the appointment with Dr. Siegel. Dr. Siegel is very kind, caring, professional, and honest. He listened to my concerns and answered all my questions as well as my husband’s. Needless to say, I was really scared to have another revision done for fear it would come out worse. He put me and my husband right at ease. I truly believe he is a highly skilled surgeon. He corrected the revision done by another surgeon who left me with a dent in the front of my nose which made it look crooked among other things Today he took off my nose cast and I am very impressed with the results. My nose is still swollen, but looks amazing! I am beyond happy with my nose now. I can be out in public without being embarrassed again. Dr. Siegel’s staff is also so very friendly and knowledgeable. Sheila is so helpful and very kind. She answered all the questions I had before I even made the appointment with Dr. Siegel. I feel I made a friend for life. I highly recommend Dr. Siegel and his staff.

Nicholas E.

I had a very good experience here….I received a very honest consultation and lots of information to help me make an informed decision…I felt like Dr. Siegel was not trying to convince or push anything on me, just giving me opinions and information to process and think over.

Natalie M.

Dr. Siegel is really polite and so is his staff. I had Co2 lasering done by him about 3 months ago and through this whole process he has been open to talk about my problems and concerns. He makes sure that each client is happy with the service he provides. I highly recommend his office.

Lilly B.

After a botched rhinoplasty, I was blessed to find Dr. Siegel. Dr. Siegel is compassionate and understands your needs while keeping a natural touch. It’s been over the 14 years since my first visit with Dr. Siegel and I highly recommend him. I continue seeking professional services from Dr. Siegel and his wonderful staff.

Candelisa Q.

Dr. Seigel has always been so helpful in keeping me looking natural. He’s amazing at what he does and I’m always so happy with my results. Staff is extremely nice as well! I have sent so many friends and family to him.

Kristina M.

Absolutely amazing work. Had a deep cut on the bridge of my nose treated by Dr. Siegel, and it’s like it never happened.

Sara B.

Very natural improvement on my appearance. I feel like this is what my nose was supposed to look like all along. Dr. Siegel is great!

Maira N

I am beyond amazed with my results and the staff here. I came in for a non surgical rino and told Dr. Siegel all my concerns. He did exactly what I wanted I recommend this place to everyone.

Lori A.R.

I’ve researched several doctors to finally fix my nose and I have to say Dr. Siegel I couldn’t be happier with my choice. The results were amazing & so natural looking, not to mention he fixed my breathing with a deviated septum, I can breath & have a better looking nose! I would highly recommend Dr. Siegel!!!


We had a wonderful consultation process with Dr. Siegel. He answered all our questions and was very knowledgeable regarding different surgical techniques. He has excellent bedside manner, and we are very pleased with the results! 10/10 would recommend!

Ciara P.

Dr. Siegal did an excellent job on my rhinoplasty and chin implant. He listened carefully and was very attentive to all of my questions, and his mock-up of my profile post-op was dead on to how the actual results looked. I’m so happy I went with him to do my surgery! Besides being very knowledgeable, he also has a great bedside manner. I couldn’t recommend him enough!

Priya G.

It was an easy process. Recovery was smooth. Loved my nose post surgery and I couldn’t have been more satisfied a month in after the rhinoplasty.

Danell B.

I am so pleased with my outcome, I look 10 years younger but still like myself! For anyone who lives out of state and is considering traveling to see Dr Siegel – it is so worth it!

Angie L.

This was my first experience getting fillers. I researched the best doctors to go to in the Houston area and Dr. Siegel came up. He was very knowledgeable about fillers and correct technique. Results were great!

Ari B.

Dr Siegel is amazing ! He was very patient with my million questions I asked before my injections. He talked me through the whole process of the injections step by step to make me feel comfortable. Everything looks fabulous.

Karen O.

This is my second time doing fillers with Dr. Siegel. The 2nd time was even better than the frist. He is awesome at what he does. He and his staff made the experience for me comfortable and easy. I highly recommend coming to visit him for any of your cosmetic needs. I’ll be back soon for more fillers. 🙂

Kimberly M

Dr. Siegel had been doing my under-eye fillers for years and I made the mistake of seeing someone else at a friend’s request (her place of business)…. Long story short, I looked worse than when I walked in the door. I’ll never go anywhere else other than Dr. Siegel again! This is definitely an art and having someone who knows what they are doing and can do it well is imperative.

Amber R

He was very professional and did a fabulous job! I had two really bad scars on my upper lip and he did the laser on one and cut out the scar tissue on the other. There is a minor scar that will continue to look better but it looks 100 times better. He gave me my confidence back. I completely recommend him for scar revision surgery and would definitely come back for future procedures!

Liz D

Dr. Siegel & Ms. Gina were beyond amazing with me during my entire experience. I had a lip shortening procedure and Dr. Siegel’s Professionalism and bed side manners were superb! I’m beyond excited about my results!!!! Dr. Siegel’s staff is also so very friendly and knowledgeable. Sheila is so helpful and very kind. She answered all the questions I had before I even made the appointment with Dr. Siegel. I feel I made a friend for life. I highly recommend Dr. Siegel and his staff.

Christine L.

I had filler done at a different doctor who made me and my friend look terrible and not natural. With one visit Dr. Siegel “fixed” my face and I was finally happy to look into the mirror again. Thank you Doc!

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