Rhinoplasty Overview

Rhinoplasty is the 3rd most common cosmetic procedure- but an intimate and highly personalized procedure- which is why Dr. Siegel takes a highly personalized approach. Many people struggle for years with an issue that’s right in the middle of their face, and it’s a huge decision to make. No surgery we do is the same. With each patient, we take into account bone structure and cartilage, what your concerns are, and what will best fit your facial proportions. Getting the nose you’ve always dreamed of requires a highly skilled surgeon with a personal approach, and an artistic eye. That’s why Dr. Siegel is known as The Nose Doctor in Houston- earning the reputation from years of experience and natural looking rhinoplasty results designed to fit each patient’s unique attributes.



Rhinoplasty is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. There is no time estimate for your consult, because you’ll spend as much time as is needed with Dr. Siegel to get the full picture of what you want. Dr. Siegel will create a 3D before and after image for the client during the appointment, unlike most surgeons who use traditional 2D photos. This helps ensure all of the goals and expectations of the client are met and fully understood.


Cosmetic or not, just like any surgical procedure you’ll be given pre-op and post-op instructions like: hydrate well, avoid medicines that may interact with anesthesia, and avoid smoking. Since each surgery from Dr. Siegel is unique, you’ll be given detailed instructions beforehand to make sure you have the easiest recovery and outcome for your own situation.


Each surgery by Dr. Siegel takes place in a safe and accredited facility, and again, each procedure is tailored to the specific patient. There is no singular procedure length, as it depends on your goals, the complexity of the surgery, and achieving the right results. Unlike most surgeons who operate with an assembly-line type formula, Dr. Siegel does not finish a procedure until he feels he has fully performed every maneuver and addressed every concern and goal of the patient.


Recovery with Dr. Siegel is much easier than most expect. With his years of experience and specialty, he can masterfully handle the procedure with the least amount of injury and swelling. The traditional recovery you see online and on social media with black eyes and tons of gauze is nonexistent here. There is no need for packing with gauze to stop bleeding by Dr. Siegel, who carefully handles the nose tissue and makes only one incision outside of the nose- which becomes imperceptible just weeks afterwards. Instead, a small splint which covers the bridge of the nose will be used for roughly 5 days, and you’ll be back to work with little to no sign of surgery in 5-7 days.

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What are the most common reasons people get a nose job?

Patients come seeking rhinoplasty for all different kinds of reasons. The concerns we see the most include:

  • A bump on the bridge of the nose
  • Medical issues from a broken nose
  • Noses with a ‘bulbous tip’
  • Unhappiness with a nose being too flat or wide
  • Unhappiness with overall size

Whether you have one major concern, or want to address several issues at once, Dr. Siegel will come up with a comprehensive, custom plan for you.

Will a nose job change my voice?

Unless extreme structural changes are being made (such as a major septoplasty from an injury), your voice will likely remain unchanged. However, because the tone depends on your air passages in your mouth and nose- alterations to your nasal cavity or nostrils can potentially change your voice. This will always vary from patient to patient, so consult with Dr. Siegel for a more accurate answer for your particular case.

How long do rhinoplasty results last?

Any changes made to your bone or cartilage will last you a very long time. Since these are not typical ‘growing’ tissues, the alterations made during your rhinoplasty will not change any more than the rest of your natural features as you age. Ideally, this means it should last a lifetime.