Dr. Siegel is known as being among the finest nose reshaping surgeons in Houston, Texas. With each patient, he considers the bone structure, cartilage, skin type, ethnicity, and your vision, in creating balanced aesthetics for a nose structure that will best fit your facial proportions. Getting the nose you have always wanted requires expertise in rhinoplasty, experience, high level surgical skills, artistry, and a deep familiarity with advanced surgical techniques. Benefitting patients seeking many kinds of plastic surgery, such as eyelid surgerycheek augmentation or facial liposuction. Dr. Siegel is known as “The Nose Doctor in Houston,” a reputation he has earned through years of experience and his ability to create natural-looking rhinoplasty results that truly enhance your features.

Rhinoplasty Surgery in Houston, Texas by Dr. Michel Siegel

Why Choose Dr. Siegel?

To achieve superb rhinoplasty results, the intricacies of each nose need to be identified and uniquely addressed. This is an exceptional skill that a less experienced, rhinoplasty surgeon whose expertise is not exclusively facial plastic surgery may be unable to perform, leading to an unfortunate outcome. To be able to identify the unique nuances of your individual nose structure is a critical aspect of achieving a successful outcome.

Dr. Siegel is often called upon to perform revision rhinoplasty to repair a botched nose job – why not get your nose reshaping surgery performed correctly, by a true artist in facial plastic surgery? When the nose structure is not correctly supported in altering shape, size, and projection, the nose structure can collapse over time. You can be confident that your rhinoplasty will be performed correctly, and that the customized shape and size will be balanced and a true enhancement to your other features.

How Much Does a “Nose Job” Cost?

When you are considering nose surgery in Houston, your focus should be upon finding the right facial plastic surgeon, one whose specialty is rhinoplasty, above all else. A low-cost surgery may have dreadful results. Dr. Siegel performs custom nose reshaping surgery, and the cost will be based upon the extent of the surgical alterations needed to achieve the end result you envision. We are happy to meet with you and evaluate your nose, and advise you of cost, as well as inform you of the financing options for treatment. Only an in-person consultation will reveal the actual cost associated with the procedure. The cost of rhinoplasty typically ranges between $7,000 and $10,000.

Rhinoplasty Surgery in Houston, Texas by Dr. Michel Siegel

Beautiful Results

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What is the Rhinoplasty Process?

If you are considering nose surgery, it is important that you understand every aspect of the process. It moves through several steps:


Rhinoplasty should never be a one-size-fits-all procedure. We do not limit the time needed for your consultation, and you can spend as much time as is needed with Dr. Siegel to get the full picture of what you want. Dr. Siegel will create a 3D before and after image for the patient with our VECTRA digital imaging system, unlike most surgeons who use traditional photos. This helps ensure that your goals and expectations are fully understood and met, and better visualization is achieved.

Preparing for Surgery

Just like any surgical procedure you will be provided with pre-op and post-op instructions, including hydrate well, avoid medicines that may interact with anesthesia, and avoid smoking. Since each surgery from Dr. Siegel is customized, you’ll be given detailed instructions beforehand to make sure your recovery is smooth and fast.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Each surgery performed by Dr. Siegel will be in a safe and accredited facility, with the procedure tailored to enhance the facial appearance of each individual’s unique facial features. There is no standard procedure length, as the alterations to perform will be based upon your personal aesthetic goals, the complexity of the surgery, and achieving excellent results.

Unlike many surgeons who operate with an assembly line approach to nose reshaping, Dr. Siegel does not rush through any procedure for time considerations – nose surgery requires expertise, an understanding of the intricacies of nose anatomy, as well as total focus, artistry, and advanced surgical techniques. The surgery will require several hours, while you are under anesthesia.


Recovery after a your Houston rhinoplasty from Dr. Siegel is much easier than you may expect. Dr. Siegel’s years of experience and advanced training exclusively with rhinoplasty surgery allows him to masterfully handle the procedure and leave you with the least amount of injury and swelling. The traditional recovery you see online and on social media with black eyes and tons of gauze is nonexistent with Dr. Siegel. There is no need for packing with gauze to stop bleeding. Dr. Siegel handles the nose tissue with meticulous care, making only a single incision on the outer skin, hidden beneath the nose structure, which will become imperceptible just weeks afterward. Instead, a small splint which covers the bridge of the nose will be used for roughly five days, and you’ll be back to work with little to no sign of surgery just five to seven days.

Nose Reshaping Surgery FAQ's

People choose to undergo a rhinoplasty for many different reasons. The concerns we see the most include:

  • A bump on the bridge of the nose
  • Medical issues from a broken nose
  • Noses with a bulbous tip
  • Noses with a pinched tip
  • Noses that droop
  • Uneven nose structure
  • Overlarge, wide, or long nostrils
  • Nose too flat or wide
  • Unhappiness with overall size

Whether you have one major concern, or want to address several issues at once, Dr. Siegel will come up with a comprehensive, customized surgical plan to professionally reshape your nose structure and achieve balance, harmony, and enhance your other features.

Unless extreme structural changes are being made (such as a major septoplasty from an injury), your voice will likely remain unchanged. However, because the tone depends on your air passages in your mouth and nose, alterations to your nasal cavities or nostrils can potentially slightly alter your voice. This will always vary from patient to patient, so consult with Dr. Siegel for a more accurate answer for your particular case.

When a rhinoplasty is performed correctly, the balance between cosmetic changes and structural support is maintained, the results should last a lifetime. Any changes made to your bone or cartilage are for the long term. Alterations to your nose structure during a rhinoplasty will not change any more than the rest of your natural features as you age. Your newly-shaped nose should last a lifetime –ensure you have your procedure performed correctly, the first time, to avoid the need for revision surgery in the future.

Snoring is typically associated with a problem with the inner nose structure. If you have a deviated septum, this could be an underlying reason for chronic snoring. This functional problem can be corrected during your cosmetic surgery. In some cases, health insurance companies will pay for some portion of the surgery if breathing issues are considered to be a health problem.

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