Black Rhinoplasty Photos: Before & After Nose Surgery

Black Rhinoplasty Photos

Here are some photos of Dr. Siegel’s Black patients’ rhinoplasty results.  Our patients include men and women of all ages, with a variety of goals for their nose surgeries.  They include African-Americans, Afro-Caribbeans, people from Africa, and people from other backgrounds.  Some have had nose surgery in the past and wanted a revision rhinoplasty, whereas most have not.

Dr. Siegel focuses on the preservation and ultrasonic rhinoplasty techniques, which have fast recovery times and don’t show telltale signs of surgery. He is one of the few facial surgeons in Houston (or anywhere) who focuses on these techniques.  Our philosophy is that how you want to look and feel long after your rhinoplasty should determine what happens before and during the big day.

You can click on any photo below to see a specific patient’s before-and-after look.  Be sure to check out our videos and reviews.

If you are in the Houston area or willing to travel, and if you would like to work with a nose surgeon who already has a sense of the look you’re trying to achieve and who will take the time to understand the finer points that are unique to you, please contact our office to consult with Dr. Siegel.

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