10 Ways to Save Up For Your Rhinoplasty

10 Ways to Save Up For Your Rhinoplasty

Although there are some great financing options available for elective surgeries like rhinoplasty, by far the best way to pay for a cosmetic procedure is by saving up for it. Using money from your (non-essential) savings means that you’ll be free to enjoy your new appearance without having to worry about interest or repayment obligations. With that in mind, here are ten simple but effective ways to put some cash aside for your procedure:

10) Wait at Least 24 Hours for Big Impulse Purchases

We’re all guilty of it: we tell ourselves that we need to save money, but then every week we see something – whether it’s a product or an activity – that seems to have our name all over it. A great way to curb this impulse spending is to adopt a “24-hour rule.” Any inessential purchases that cost more than, say, $10, can be given a cooling-off period before you follow through.

9) Hide Savings From Yourself

One way to really save money is to pretend that you lost it. Whenever you make an ATM withdrawal, for instance, put a $20 bill under your mattress and forget that it ever existed. Do this often enough and you’ll have a lot of money saved in no time.

8) Ditch the Cappuccino

The cost of fancy coffee really does add up over time. Even if you’re hooked, try swapping your morning latte for something you can make at home. The $4 you save every day will be $400 after a few months.

7) Create a Separate Savings Account

One problem with keeping money in your spending account is that the line between savings and spending money is blurred. Avoid this problem by having a dedicated savings account (perhaps with an interest penalty for withdrawals) that you nevertouch.

6) Make Your Social Outings Less Expensive

Instead of catching up with a friend over dinner or drinks, suggest going for a walk or hitting the beach instead.

5) Hunt for Freebies

Cut down on your mobile data plan and use the free wifi at restaurants and coffee shops instead. Hit the library instead of buying new books. All these things can make a big difference in the long run.

4) Swap Your Gym Membership for the Outdoors

Instead of paying huge sums for access to a gym, go jogging through parkland or hiking in the mountains. Swim in the ocean. If there’s free outdoor gym equipment somewhere, utilize it.

3) Hold Back on New Cosmetic Products

Be loyal to your old makeup, perfume, and facial cream. Avoid buying new products just for the novelty of it – your current selection is probably great!

2) Get Thrifty

Need some new warm clothes for winter? Thrift shops often have high-quality coats (and more) at a fraction of the price.

1) Reconsider Netflix, Spotify Premium and Other Subscriptions

Do you really need fingertip access to the latest courtroom dramas? Are the Spotify Free ads really that obnoxious? Cancel your unnecessary subscriptions for a few months and put the money into a savings account instead.

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