What Does A Chemical Peel Treat

What Does A Chemical Peel Treat Chemical peels are among the best techniques out there for tackling many kinds of facial blemishes. There isn’t just one type of chemical peel, however, and different doctors have different approaches to using them. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what exactly they can treat, and what...

Getting Rid of Sun Damage On Your Face

Getting Rid of Sun Damage On Your Face As we enter the depths of yet another summer, our skin can remind us all too vividly of the summers we’ve enjoyed in the past. Sun exposure is one of the main causes of prematurely aged skin, and the unappealing spots and wrinkles that come with it. But never...

Why Do You Heal Faster When You Sleep?

Why Do You Heal Faster When You Sleep? Perhaps more than ever before, we live in a world where a natural sleep rhythm is an almost unattainable luxury. How many people still wake with the sunrise rather than the alarm clock? How many people still drift off when they’re tired, without the distraction of bright screens...

Springtime Skin Refresher: Rejuvenate Winter Dryness

Springtime Skin Refresher: Rejuvenate Winter Dryness Spring is finally here, and with it comes a new opportunity to rejuvenate our skin after the damaging effects of chronic colder weather. In this post, we’ll explore some of the most effective ways to recover from nasty winter dryness! Why Does Cold Weather Cause Dryness? It’s actually not...

Facial Hair Removal – Lasers, Waxing and Plucking Oh My!

Facial Hair Removal – Lasers, Waxing and Plucking Oh My! Nearly a quarter of women in North America have excessive or unwanted facial hair. This proportion gets even higher when you consider only older women, or specific ethnic groups. Most people have at least a vague idea of what to do about the problem, and...

How To Minimize Pores

How To Minimize Pores Pores are essential for the normal function of our skin, so they must be a little confused by the almost universal hatred directed towards them. Particularly large or unsightly pores, however, are valid targets for treatment. What Are Pores? We have two different types of pores: sweat pores and oil pores. Only...

How To Remove Stretch Marks

How To Remove Stretch Marks Stretch marks are a common skin complaint in men and women of all ages. Although they are not physically painful, their emotional effects can be devastating. This leaves many people looking for a solution that can get rid of these unsightly marks and give them back their confidence. What Causes...

The History of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

The History of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Although we consider plastic and cosmetic surgery to be a modern trend, it has a long history behind it. The origins of reshaping the face and body and repairing or restoring body parts date back thousands of years. Ancient Beginnings Plastic surgery’s earliest beginnings weren’t necessarily about appearance,...

3 Ways to fight off aging this summer

3 Ways to fight off aging this summer The hot sun, swimming, and staying out late: summer is fun, especially in beautiful Houston. But if you’re not careful, you could wind up with skin that looks and feels less than radiant when fall arrives. Sun Protection: Beyond the Bottle You already know that daily use...

Don’t Make These Summertime Skin Care Mistakes

Don’t Make These Summertime Skin Care Mistakes As the hottest months of the year approach, many people are ready to hit the beaches and barbecues. Enjoying some summer sun is a given here in sunny Houston – but don’t let these summertime skin care blundersdamage your most valuable asset – your face! Mistake #1: Not wearing...

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July 1, 2021 Update:

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