4 Reasons Laser Hair Removal is Amazing

Women and men alike go through a lot of trouble to get smooth, hair-free skin. Painful waxing sessions, continuous plucking, messy creams, and tedious shaving rituals are part of life for many who deal with unwanted hair. Unfortunately, every one of them is just a temporary solution.

With laser hair removal, however, you could say goodbye to those annoying routines and unwanted hair on your face or body for good. Today’s advanced laser techniques, when performed with the skilled hands of a plastic surgeon, can yield smooth, hair-free results without pain, downtime, or noticeable side effects.

Dr. Siegel uses the LightSheer DUET system, arguably the best device available today for removing unwanted hair. It is effective for virtually any area of the body, but is frequently used for:

  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Underarms
  • Bikini area
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Chest

Think of the time and money you could save on your current hair removal technique, and check out the reasons why laser hair removal with Dr. Siegel may be the best thing you do for yourself this year.

Hair Removal Without Pain

If you’re worried that a laser will be a painful experience like electrolysis or epilators, you can rest easy. With Sr. Siegel’s LightSheer DUET laser, there’s no pulling and no pinching. The LightSheer beam is virtually painless, using a concentrated laser light to target the hair follicle at the root. Most patients report that they couldn’t feel anything at all, and no anesthetic or gel is needed. For this reason alone, many people prefer it over waxing, epilators, and plucking.

Fast, Effective Results

Because the highly effective LightSheer laser targets the root with accuracy, the procedure is fast, taking only 20 minutes for large areas of the body such as the legs and only five to ten minutes for small areas such as the face or underarms.

No Harm to Your Skin

We all know shaving results in nicks and cuts, not to mention stubble within just a few hours. Waxing is extremely painful and often leaves the skin red and irritated, but with laser hair removal, you don’t have stubble, cuts, or irritation. Your skin stays healthy and the laser targets the hair right at the root.

Convenient, Long-Term Results

Waxing means waiting for the hair to grow to a certain length, leaving you in a cycle of growing and removing. You’re only hair-free for a short time before the hair comes back, and you have to endure the painful procedure over and over again. But with laser hair removal, you can enjoy virtually hair-free skin with no repeat visits needed once your desired results are achieved. Dr. Siegel can discuss how many sessions you may need to see the results you want, and how to get the best possible outcome.

As with any cosmetic or aesthetic procedure, talking with a skilled professional is critical. Dr. Siegel can determine whether you are a candidate for laser hair removal and will answer any questions you may have. If unwanted hair is causing you embarrassment, call Dr. Michel Siegel today!

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