4 signs of a great plastic surgeon

4 signs of a great plastic surgeon

Facial plastic surgery should never be taken lightly. Your face is an important part of your appearance and your identity, and you want to feel great about how it looks.

Don’t trust your face to just anyone. The most important component of any facial procedure is the surgeon who performs it. If you choose the right surgeon, you can feel confident that your safety and well-being will be paramount, and that your results will be as beautiful as possible. But how do you narrow it down, with so many different options? Interview your potential surgeons, and keep these four things in mind:

Sign #1: A Specific Focus

Most plastic surgeons have areas of specialty so they can deliver the best results in particular procedures. Did you know that facial plastic surgery is a subspecialty of plastic surgery? It’s because facial surgery is complex and intricate, dealing with unique features and structures. It involves a different skillset than body procedures.

If you’re interested in a facial procedure, ask your surgeon about their qualifications and areas of expertise. Their website should also give you an idea of their background and training. Ask them how frequently they perform the specific procedure you want. Be cautious of surgeons who appear to do “a little of everything.” They may be able to perform your procedure – but if they don’t focus specifically on faces, you may not get the most attractive and desirable outcome. Your surgeon should be happy to answer these questions and share their background with you.

Sign #2: Outstanding Before and After Photos

Before and after photos are an indispensable part of choosing your plastic surgeon, and, a great plastic surgeon will have loads of photos of happy patients to share with you. Look through these photos carefully. Do the patients’ results look natural? Does it make them look more attractive, but still like themselves?

Sign #3: No Obligation or Pressure

The best plastic surgeons are busy because their quality work draws plenty of patients. They don’t need need to “solicit” patients by trying to pressure them into surgery before they’re ready. They answer your questions truthfully and clearly, without beating around the bush. They tell you which procedures or treatments would work best for you, and why.

If your consultation feels more like a sales pitch, this is likely not a good sign. If the surgeon tries to talk you into booking your procedure immediately or choosing a procedure you don’t want, it’s time to find a different surgeon.

Sign #4: Wants to Enhance You, Not Change You

Most of us have seen plastic surgery results that look artificial or simply unattractive. These can be a result of several things, including lack of training or expertise as mentioned above.

But, they also can be a result of unrealistic goals or expectations that were encouraged by the surgeon. Did you talk about trying to look like your favorite celebrity or model? Did he or she promise a makeover beyond your wildest dreams? This may be a red flag. An experienced facial plastic surgeon knows the best outcomes are the result of enhancing your natural features and making you the best version of YOU, not someone else. Keep this in mind during your consultation. Plastic surgery should strive to improve and enhance you in subtle but beautiful ways.

If you’d like to explore your options for facial plastic surgery, contact the office of Dr. Michel Siegel to schedule your consultation!

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