Effect of cosmetic surgery on aging naturally

Effect of cosmetic surgery on aging naturally

Whether you’re in your 20s or your 60s when you undergo cosmetic surgery, you may be wondering what’s in store for your future.

One of the goals of cosmetic surgery is usually to make you look more youthful – so many patients want to know: how will this affect my natural aging process? Will I always look younger than I actually am? Or will my surgery “wear off” and I’ll start to look like everyone else?

When to Expect Permanent Results

Some surgeries, like rhinoplasty and otoplasty, offer you results that will last your lifetime in most cases. This means that as you get older, your improved facial features will stay with you. You’ll be a more attractive version of you well into your senior years with the help of the right facial plastic surgeon. You’ll experience some signs of aging, but your surgery will continue to look great.

Aging Gracefully with Any Procedure

Other procedures that counteract the effects of gravity, such as a facelift or an eyelid lift, will give you an immediate renewed appearance that will last many years. Yes, you’ll be affected by aging as the years go by, but your face will still be more youthful and refreshed than someone who never had the surgery.

An eyelid lift, for instance, is often done to remove excess eyelid skin caused by genetics and the pull of gravity. Once that skin is removed, your eyelids will maintain a more lifted appearance, regardless of your age. Likewise, a facelift can restore your facial structures to a more lifted and youthful position, and as you age naturally, your face will continue to look years younger than it would have without the surgery. When these procedures are done correctly, you’ll look natural but younger than you actually are – in the best possible way.

The Skill of Your Surgeon is Key

Your face is your most important feature. If you’re considering facial plastic surgery, choose a surgeon who has the training, education, and experience to give you natural results that look great now – because that will translate into results that look great in the years ahead. In most instances, the goal of plastic surgery is to turn back the clock and/or correct features you don’t like. If that’s done correctly to begin with, you’ll continue to enjoy the results as an older adult, and will still look natural.

Remember to practice good sun protection to keep your face looking younger for as long as possible. In addition, taking good care of your overall health with proper nutrition and physical activity will go a long way towards helping you look and feel your best at any age.

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