Face Lift

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, face lift surgery is the fifth most common cosmetic surgical procedure in the country. This comes as no surprise to Dr. Michel Siegel, who specializes in facial plastic surgery in Houston. In fact, he has done over 1,500 face lifts, making him one of the top face lift doctors in Houston. The goal of a face lift is to re-establish a smooth, continuous jawline, creating a clear demarcation between the face and neck. This is done by reducing the sagging and wrinkling of muscle and skin from the effects of aging in this area. Especially with his innovative Vertical Facelift™ procedure, this surgery offers outstanding results, rejuvenating the entire face by making a few key modifications. If you’re suffering from drooping facial features, Dr. Siegel can give you a more youthful appearance with this state-of-the-art surgery.


One week after my rhinoplasty I walked into Dr. Siegel’s office to finally see the results. I’d waited for this moment for more than ten years- and I was nervous. I’d compulsively found every list online of botched nose jobs. I researched all the worst possible outcomes of recovery, but there I was just one week later; I wasn’t stuffed with gauze, there was no heavy bruising, and it certainly didn’t hurt. Just a simple splint and what felt like the longest week of my life waiting for that appointment.

- Jane D, Septoplasty

Dr. Siegel removed the splint easily and painlessly with a liquid solution and asked if I was ready to see my new nose. Seeing myself in the mirror for the first time after my surgery was unreal- it was a subtle, natural looking change, my nose finally fit my face. After waiting for nearly a decade, I finally felt like I had the nose that I should have been born with.

- Jane D, Septoplasty

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The Face Lift Process


The first step in the facelift surgery process is a consultation with Dr. Siegel. During this visit, he will listen to your concerns, discuss your desired outcomes with you, and examine your face. Based on the information he gathers, he will put together a personalized surgical plan just for you. Once he has determined which surgical techniques will be used, Dr. Siegel will generate a three-dimensional facelift “before and after” so you can see what to expect with your results. With your input on this image, he will even further individualize your procedure and make any necessary tweaks to ensure you are pleased with the plan. There is no time limit on this consultation appointment – Dr. Siegel will converse and collaborate with you until you are happy.


Since each Houston face lift is different, the guidelines Dr. Siegel and his team give you to help you get ready for your procedure will also vary. For example, the preparatory measures taken for a lower face lift may be different than those for a forehead lift or a more traditional face lift. Some pre-operative safety precautions – such as staying properly hydrated and not taking medications that could interfere with anesthesia – will likely remain the same regardless, but Dr. Siegel will provide you with a precise list of everything you need to do. Following these guidelines for the week before and your recovery after your face lift will help ensure that you remain healthy throughout and enjoy beautiful results.


Since he customizes each procedure, the specific techniques Dr. Siegel uses for your face lift will depend on a variety of factors. The length of this procedure also differs, but it is typically about 90 minutes. Most often, Dr. Siegel uses just local anesthesia or light sedation rather than general anesthesia. Most facelift surgeons “pull” sagging tissues in a posterior direction, resulting in an over-stretched or “windswept” appearance that is not desirable. Dr. Siegel evolved the vertical face lift™ method after years of performing the procedure. Since gravity causes facial tissues to descend, Dr. Siegel “re-suspends” them in a vertical, superior direction. Repositioning muscle in this direction re-establishes the youthful contours of the face, creating a natural, refreshed look. For his vertical mini face lift, Dr. Siegel makes seamless incisions to better suspend the tissue and remove excess skin for visible, long-lasting results.


Dr. Siegel’s expertly placed incisions, minimal use of anesthesia, and high level of skill with face lifts means that most patients recover much more quickly and easily than they had expected. There are plenty of natural ways to speed up Facelift recovery, but you can typically expect to return to work after just five days with little to no sign of surgery.

Why Dr. Siegel

When it comes to your facial appearance, preserving natural contours, knowing which features to enhance and which ones not to, will make the difference between enhancing your self or appearing unnatural.

Dr. Siegel is sought out by highly sophisticated, discerning patients because of his innovative, yet conservative approach to Facial procedures- achieving natural, rested, and proportionate outcomes that exceed patients’ expectations.